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  1. od-ana

    add total on invoice?

    Hello Any ideas to add total that must be paid on when invoice email sent?
  2. When client visit client area, They click support. Click ticket. Then they click departmen, for example :billing. , they normally enter. Email. Summary. ( I need to add drop down option, so the can see billing , sales here,) then the can select priority. Priority. Details.
  3. Hello. Any ideas, to add departement before priority? When client open a ticket? Thanks.
  4. Hello Any ideas to change the ticket priority to only low medium high? Many thanks
  5. Yea, it is not resolved. Coupon with overide price will be great.
  6. Hello 1. Is there any option to offer price override discount? 2. If a client order recurring product with set up fee, is there any option to give % discount for the total product? so the can get % discount after the setup fee added? Thanks
  7. Thnks for reply, Well yes, you are right at some point. What i need is, the can create an account as new client with ease. After they sign up, they can have option to complete client profile inside client area to continue with the payment, credit card, paypal etc to complete the purchase. Thanks again.
  8. Hello. Any ideas to remove / hide field like address, city etc, so client can register with only their name, phone, username and password? To make it easer for sign up and order process? Thanks?
  9. Thank you for replying. Just in case, a seller close business , not just provider B, provider C for example, What happen with my lisence that i have purchased? Thanks.
  10. Hello. i bought a Blesta licence from a provider, let call it provider B. This provider shut down the business. What is the best option for this situation? Thanks in advance.
  11. od-ana

    email to open ticket.

    Hello. Any ideas how to do do this, in blesta? If a client send an email to david@mydomain.com it will create and open a support ticket? Thanks.
  12. Hello How to set up an admin notification, when there is a new order ? Thanks
  13. Finally i managed to it translated. Where i can change the word: Have a coupon? Submit order In standard order template? Here is the screenshot that i like to change to client language
  14. There is no ajax wizard template that i can see in admin area. I like to use wizard template? Any suggestion? So i can be one page order? So, it skips continue button?
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