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  1. My new company after leaving my old business partner.
  2. Ok so I'm about to update the theme on my blesta install but a little confused to weather application.css is needed i believe this is just stock bootstrap 3.3.7 correct me if i'm wrong thanks.
  3. The module is completed and fully working. :D
  4. So I and my team made this blesta plugin to automatic manage virualizor packages, In the configuration panel, You set your currency and price per resource. Then you configure how many packages you want to randomly generate within that range. For example, I want 6 packages to range between 2-4cores the plugin will automatically create 6 packages from small-1 to small-6. This will also create the plans inside virtualizor to ensure virtual machines can be deployed correctly. Prices will start around £7.50/mo branded £14/mo unbranded We may consider selling own license at later date here some examples.
  5. CanadaCloudHost


    Hi there, I wonder if one of you beautiful people can help me I'm trying to rewrite. domain.com/order/main/packages/vps/?group_id=23 to domain.com/deploy/ Here what i'm using. RewriteEngine On RewriteBase / RewriteRule ^deploy$ /order/main/packages/vps/?group_id=23 [NS] But this just results in the url going to domain.com/404/ any idea thanks.
  6. Moisted, This is the vps order area bit basic but will look much better once done
  7. Drop me an message or add my skype: leoncoder I'm up for this.
  8. I don't use wordpress bud and wrong place to ask
  9. @paul i will do an pre-port then and offer it for free then you can just work around it i guess. 😛
  10. Off-topic @Paul Care to join me on an bootstrap 4.1 port for blesta.
  11. Yeah i went with 95% width and adjusted the col of the panel to 2+10 etc making an 12 to bootstrap grid system.
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