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  1. Hi, I'm using the Blesta Stripe gateway for Credit Cards/ACH, and have a client that saved their bank info for automated ACH payments. How do the ACH payments work in Blesta/Stripe? It doesn't seem to be processing the auto debit for this client? Thanks and Happy New Year!
  2. Hello, I'm using Blesta 4.4.1 primarily with Plesk for shared hosting accounts. When using the Plesk Module, under Services you can expand the package to show details like username/password/server and a login link for direct login. I'm also hosting a number of VPS running Plesk, and wanted to create a custom Universal Module, where I can specify the package options (vcpu/ram/storage) as well as service options (username/password/server). Is there a way to display these service options in the 'Service Details' area like with the Plesk Module? If I could replicate that for myself and clients that'd be great. Thanks for any info! Justin
  3. Hello, I'm pretty new to Blesta, so I may be missing something; I recently had a few invoices sent out with the message "If you would like us to automatically charge your card, login to your account at http://wnc.cloud/blesta/client/ to set up auto debit.". However, these accounts had a card on file and auto-debit show as enabled for the client. Should it not have sent out the modified statement? Where/How can I check to make sure this is working properly? Thanks! Justin
  4. Hi, New to Blesta and want to make sure I understand the some of the invoicing features... Let's say a have a new client, and add a new service. I select 'Do Not Invoice' and set the term at 1 Month. Will it generate a new invoice when the package renews? Or never for this service? If I were to then add a manual invoice - would I need to associate it with the service? I guess if the answer to the above questions is it will generate upon renewal, then it doesn't matter as it'd be a one-time invoice. I'm mainly asking in the case that I want to override a service price... it seems to only allow me to do this after it sends the invoice (if I select 'Create Invoice' when adding the service). Hope that makes sense.
  5. No worries; so for my instance it would appear that any more than 4 service plans in Plesk, and the drop down no longer works.
  6. Definitely something to do with the service plans on Plesk, but not sure what. Initially I thought it had to do with how they were named (I had put a dash in the new one that seemed to break it). I now have 4 listed in Plesk. Blesta shows these plus 'Admin Simple'. If I add a new plan, Blesta no longer will populate service plan drop-down. If I remove it, then it works. Surely someone can figure this out!
  7. So the only thing I could think of that I'd done since it was last working was to migrate a subscription over. This created a new subscription/service plan on the problem server. I just removed that account/subscription and service plan from the server and restarted - and now it's working again and allowing me to select service plans... HostingforPixels - do you have any custom service plans on your Plesk server by chance, or just the standard/default ones?
  8. Another thought/note... I have two packages that I added earlier today without issue. If I try and edit them now, same as above. However, I can add/suspend/cancel/etc. those packages via Blesta just fine. It seems the ONLY thing that not working is being able to select service plan for new packages or when editing existing ones. So Blesta/Plesk are communicating fine via API... any ideas?
  9. Hi all, I had this issue with as well (1 out of 5 Plesk servers, all the same version/config). Never figured it out, but was a good excuse to set up a new one. New server worked fine, however this afternoon I noticed that I'm no longer getting a response when trying to select the dropdown... This is odd, because there has been nothing I can think of that would have changed. I had just gotten to a point where I was about ready to deploy and now I'm back to this. Any ideas? Seems to just never get a response? From dev tools: Response Payload {"module_options":"\n<div class=\"title_row\"><h3>Module Options<\/h3><\/div>\n<div class=\"pad\">\n \n <ul>\n <li>\n <label for=\"module_group\">Server Group<\/label>\n<select name=\"module_group\" id=\"module_group\">\n<option value=\"select\">-- Please Select --<\/option>\n<option value=\"\" selected=\"selected\">Any<\/option>\n<\/select>\n <\/li>\n\n <li class=\"module_row_field\">\n <label for=\"module_row\">Server<\/label>\n<select name=\"module_row\" id=\"module_row\">\n<option value=\"12\" selected=\"selected\">Plesk<\/option>\n<\/select>\n <\/li>\n <li>\n <label for=\"plesk_type\">Account Type<\/label>\n<input type=\"radio\" name=\"meta[type]\" value=\"standard\" id=\"plesk_type_standard\" checked=\"checked\" \/>\n<label for=\"plesk_type_standard\" class=\"inline\">Standard<\/label>\n<input type=\"radio\" name=\"meta[type]\" value=\"reseller\" id=\"plesk_type_reseller\" \/>\n<label for=\"plesk_type_reseller\" class=\"inline\">Reseller<\/label>\n <\/li>\n <li>\n <label for=\"plesk_plan\">Plesk Service Plan<\/label>\n<select name=\"meta[plan]\" id=\"plesk_plan\">\n<option value=\"\">-- Please Select --<\/option>\n<\/select>\n <\/li>\n <\/ul>\n\n <script type=\"text\/javascript\">\n $(document).ready(function() {\n\n \/\/ Bind tooltips for this content\n $('#module_group').closest('ul').blestaBindToolTips();\n\n \/\/ If no group selected hide row listing\n \n \/\/ If group changes, determine if row listing should be shown\n $('#module_group').change(function() {\n if ($('#module_group').val() != \"\")\n $('li.module_row_field').hide();\n else\n $('li.module_row_field').show();\n })\n });\n <\/script>\n \n\t\t\t<script type=\"text\/javascript\">\n\t\t\t\t$(document).ready(function() {\n\t\t\t\t\t$('input[name=\"meta[type]\"]').change(function() {\n\t\t\t\t\t\tfetchModuleOptions();\n\t\t\t\t\t});\n\t\t\t\t});\n\t\t\t<\/script>\n\t\t<\/div>\n","module_email_tags":"{module.hostname} {module.ip_address} {module.port} {package.type} {package.plan} {package.reseller_plan} {service.plesk_domain} {service.plesk_username} {service.plesk_password} {service.plesk_webspace_id}"}
  10. Hello all, I believe I may have found my solution; with the very kind help of Nelsa. Using the private IP in Blesta works fine; however my end goal was to replace the IP with the hostname so that the client could utilize the login feature with a secure URL instead of an invalid IP. Add field for hostname to add_row.pdt and edit_row.pdt in Plesk>Views>Defaut. (this would be a FQDN and secured for Plesk login) Add entry for 'hostname' to all addModuleRow() functions in plesk.php Edit admin_service_info.pdt & client_service_info.pdt in Plesk>Views>Defaut, replacing 'ip_address' with 'hostname'. This allows both client and admin to use login feature with secured FQDN. Leave ip_address/ipv4 as is; seems to provision and work fine using the private IP, as long as I set the NAT public address in Plesk for said IP. I'm no expert, just a network guy, so if there's something flawed here please let me know; seems to be working in my test environment. The one thing I haven't figured out; how to set the label name for the 'hostname' field in the add/edit views. If anyone has some insight there I'd gladly appreciate it!
  11. Hello - did you ever manage to come up with a solution for this? I'm dealing with the same issue and it's keeping me from being able to roll out Blesta into production.
  12. Revised... Realized Blesta was provisioning the subscription using the dedicated IP, which obviously wont work for more than one site... I changed the private IP address from shared to dedicated, and removed the public IP/NAT from it's settings. I then set the the public IP entry from dedicated to shared. Blesta now provisions to the shared public IP... and all appears to be happy? If anyone has any insight, comments, etc. regarding this setup let me know... really hoping to be able to deploy Blesta in the coming days!
  13. Hi, So after reading the thread below, I thought I'd give this a shot... My issue was that my Plesk Onyx server used a single shared NAT'd IP. In Plesk, I had set the public IP via the IP Addresses page. This has worked fine when provisioning in Plesk directly. However, Blesta provisioning would throw the error above if I used anything (hostname, public IP) other than the local private IP. I added a second IP in Plesk, using the same public IP as the private was NAT'd too, and set it as dedicated. I left the original private/public as shared. I then set the server to use the public via Blesta's Plesk Module/Add Server, and retested the provisioning... This time, I was able to create the customer AND provision the domain via Blesta without error. The login link for the client now works (minus the SSL warning). So I have two questions I guess... 1. Network/DNS experts... any issues you can foresee with this IP config in Plesk? (screen shot attached) 2. Is there a way to define public/private yet in Blesta, or even better hostname, which is easier to secure with an SSL cert?
  14. Hello, Currently trialing Blest for use with my Plesk hosting business, and really liking it thus far! One issue I ran into is that in order for Blesta to provision a package, I seemingly have to use the private IP address of the server in the Plesk Module, otherwise, while it will create the customer, I get the following error with trying to create the package/subscription in Plesk: domain.com <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <packet version=""> <webspace> <add> <result> <status>error</status> <errcode>1023</errcode> <errtext>Unable to get ip id by address 'domain.com' from db.</errtext> </result> </add> </webspace> </packet> If I use the private IP, it works fine, however; from the Client portal the login link now uses this IP address, which is obviously not reachable for them. Any idea how I can overcome this? I really like the idea of being able to provide that login info to the client... one less question I have to field from them!
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