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  1. Hi, have a couple of questions on functionality with Proxmox: 1. Can I bundle multiple machined into a single purchase? i.e. offer a package with several VMs and when the customer pays, trigger generation of all VMs? 2. Can I trigger API calls to other apps on a successful purchase i.e. write some code to call an API, on a say a mail server or firewall? Thanks! John
  2. Thought I'd contribute another solution to this. I locked myself out of a test instance and didn't have smtp setup to get reset emails. This worked: 1. Request a password reset through the web interface 2. Access the database and copy the reset url and hash from the body_text field of the log_emails table 3. Paste the url into your browser and reset the password. Hope this saves you some time.
  3. Hi, I was under the impression that Blesta had a native Proxmox extension, but I've installed the trial licence version and can't find it. Is there anything available to integrate with Proxmox? Thanks
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