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  1. Hello Sir, I have created some another account other then administrator account. I have done one mistake, without given the administrator privilege to another account have removed the administrator privilege for the current account. For now I am not having any administrative privilege account that's why I am not able to manage the and not able to do setting for my blesta billing software. Please help me to resolve the issue.
  2. Hello Sir, Thank you very much for your valuable support. I am currently facing one issue, I have logged into blesta admin area using my administrator account but i have changed the administrator user as normal user and by mistake I get logged out and now I am not able to manage due lack of permission. Please let me know how can re gain the administrator account.
  3. Hello Sir, I was using blesta on members.winsonehost.com ( sub domain of winsomehost.com) on another server. For now, I want to use same licence of blesta for the same domain "winsomehost.com" at the location "winsomehost.com/clientarea" at another server with fresh installation. Please suggest me what I will have to do regarding it. fresh installation means nothing want to import from old installation. Best Regards, Arvind
  4. ok, but what about currency and price ? the amount of price showing in INR but the currency is showing in USD. Please explain about it.
  5. Any update for my last query regarding the bug of blesta?
  6. Hello Sir, As I am using themeforest html theme for my website, there is static domain search option available on the website. I want to integrate with blesta domain search option so that when any one search domain from my home page it get on blesta domain search option at following option: https://members.winsomehost.com/order/config/preconfig/hosting If any one know the coding for it please update me.
  7. Hello Sir, As my client go to client area page like following page: https://members.winsomehost.com/ I am able to see there is one "order" option, I want to keep multiple order option with different packages like "Order for SSL", Order for Linux Share hosting, Order for Linux Reseller Packages etc... then How can I add them with different order order form(according to packages).
  8. Hello Sir, I want to built order page in following sequence: Search or transfer domain (continue....) >> Select web hosting packages (continue...) >> Select SSL Certificate (Continue...) >> Now make the payment. Please let me know if it is possible, if possible then, please explain me how can I do it?
  9. The issue get resolved after installing new version of thesslstore module. I have imported all available package from the thesslstore. There is one bug I have got, after importing package price is showing in INR but currency is showing in USD and term is showing in monthly basis only, it should show the yearly basis if it is 12 months, 24 months and 36 months. Please check the screen shot for more details.
  10. Hello Sir, Please let me know exact path for the latest version for the module of thesslstore, and also let me know the process, how can I install it on blesta billing software?
  11. I have selected the thesslstore module but getting same error during creation the package, please check the screen shot what happened when i selected the sslstore module. After that getting same error. I have paste the log which I have got: 83024841|ssl-products O:21:"product_query_request":4:{s:11:"ProductCode";N;s:11:"ProductType";i:0;s:14:"NeedSortedList";b:1;s:11:"AuthRequest";O:10:"apirequest":9:{s:11:"PartnerCode";s:0:"";s:9:"AuthToken";s:0:"";s:11:"ReplayToken";s:0:"";s:9:"UserAgent";s:0:"";s:7:"TokenID";s:0:"";s:9:"TokenCode";s:0:"";s:9:"IPAddress";s:0:"";s:20:"IsUsedForTokenSys
  12. Hello Sir, As per your instruction I have installed the module for SSL Store and have created reseller account for that. Now I am updated all required filed for the SSL Store modules but when I am adding the packaged by selecting to SSLStore module getting error . Have attached the screenshot for the error. Please check and let me know how can I resolved it.
  13. It is not possible to provide login details publicly, please let me know your email id so that we could send you it on that.
  14. I am not using VPS, I have just purchase Master reseller plan where I have WHMPHP, if it will help to develop the Module then i can provide you login details, Please update me if it is required.....
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