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  1. Hello, I cannot find any documentation explaining the many layered world of Blesta Groups. Can someone please give me a basic explanation of groups as it relates to web hosting with domain and SSL add ons/configurable options or point me to some documentation? Thank You!!!
  2. Oh wow.. that was a very sobering read. Thank you for saving me the time, money and effort! I had already begun to shop devs for this. I am already waist deep in to my Blesta integration but just out of morbid curiosity.. do you know if WHMCS has better domain management?
  3. Thank you Nelsa, This is very valuable information! Is this inherent for all billing systems using registrar API's or can I throw money at this problem for some custom development? I bet if everyone in this Blesta community who is unsatisfied with the domain module options threw in a few bucks, we could crowdsource enough to have a robust solution developed Isn't the whole point of API the dynamic retrieval of live data? I found this in a post on this forum from 2014! from user: DannyDirect Search for "PE_GetProductPrice´╗┐" here. There are also various other pricing API calls which come up: http://www.enom.com/APICommandCatalog/index.htm ____________ I just did a quick search on the Enom dev page and found this: https://api.enom.com/docs/pe-getpremiumpricing So the tools have been available for years but no one has chosen to implement them. I would happily pay a yearly fee for a full featured dynamically updated eNom module.
  4. My profile is on the forum is 0% complete. When I attempt to complete it, step 1 is wire IM. When I choose to skip this step I am sent back to my account profile. I will not be signing up for wire. How can I complete my profile?
  5. Either I am losing my mind or this eNom module is from 2005? Is there really only one price I can charge for every TLD and no way to adjust for renewal price? transfer? With the current pricing structure of the domain game I will need to have at least a dozen groups to manage my domain sales and then manually update each client once they have registered to a renewal pricing group? please tell me I'm missing something??? is there a third party module with modern domain management available?
  6. Yes, Login to your eNom Reseller account. Click on "My Account" on the top right. This will bring up "Account Overview" On the top menu click on Resellers > Manage > API. This page is titled "API Live Environment Setup". Here you can add the server IP address your host uses to run Blesta. As Paul pointed out, If you are on a shared server you will need to ask your host for the correct IP.
  7. Hello, I cannot move my package group over to assigned groups using the arrows or click and drag. I have tried 3 browsers on MacOS. Safari, Firefox, Chrome. am I missing something? I have group and package created. my package group is visible and draggable. Thanks! problem solved was not dragging to the header
  8. this problem has been resolved. server IP was incorrect.
  9. Hello, When attempting to set up the eNom module I get the error when adding my enom user/pass: The user and password combination appear to be invalid, or your Enom account may not be configured to allow API access. I have also tried using an enom API key as password in both live and sandbox. After 2 days of enom support testing they confirmed that the API is working correctly on their side. any help would be greatly appreciated Thanks!
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