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  1. Hello, I have small company, i'm web agency and i see some my competitors use whmcs to manage client and project. In the past i use sometimes whmcs but i dont if I can do all this things (I'm avaible to pay module): generate contract and signup client signup client open ticket client chat chat conversation become a ticket admin can send quote, client can accept or decline admin create project for each client when accept a quote in project there is a way to talk like a discussion, share document and files and sensitive data write faq integration wordpress for some area like user login, ticket area, quote, project client can write email and open automatically a ticket in a dedicated categories like Quote different client usergroup like client, possible customer in ticket area, if admin request share sensitive data like cpanel, domain, plesk and ftp invoice with sectional and automatic counter based on the sectional invoice split payment, for example admin setup 50% in advance and 50% end of job´╗┐ Thank you so much..
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