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  1. Would love a reply for this. I have clients on an old cPanel server. I don't want to change everything, should be easy to point the services to the new server, right now I can't.
  2. Hello @Tyson, sorry for the bump. Is there a way for me to get the pay now link on Blesta without sending the invoice? Sometimes I want to give the direct link through WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger, or in a personal mail, and it's just easier for me to do it than sending me the invoice and copying the link.
  3. So, to summarize, if I modify the package price, all the existing customers will have the new price unless I override that price manually for each customer that I want to? Exactly as it should work. Thanks!
  4. I live in a country with high inflation. So, I need to periodically adjust my prices (every 3 or 6 months or so). But the thing is that I bill anually to most of my clients, and I like to set the price of renewal for some of them. What happens when I modify the prices for a package? All the associated customers with a package ordered will change the price at the time of renewal? Is there a way to manually change the renewal costs in some cases and leave it fixed? What's the best way to work around this?
  5. I mostly sell web-development services with hosting and management included. For example: A web design costs $100, and then the user is billed $30 every year as a renewal. I've found a nice workaround for this: Setup $70+$30 yearly = The user pays $100 the first time, and then pays $30 every year, as I want. Perfect! I also offer the chance for paying me 50% in advance, and 50% at the end of the work. So, the user at the order form pays $50, then pays $50 when I finish the site, and then $30 the next year. I've also found a nice way to work on this: The package costs $50 (30$ + setup of $20) and then I manually invoice the remaining $50. As I don't have a large volume of customers, I can clearly manage this manually with no issue. But here comes the issue. My most demanded pack is the cheaper one, and I have an issue. The cost of renewal is higher than the signup cost. So, for example, if $30 is the yearly renewal price, in this particular service, the user pays $15 at the order form. Then pays $15 when the work is done (manual invoice), and then $30 the next year. And for this, I don't know exactly how to handle it. I don't need a custom plugin or something like that, as this only affects one or two packages of 8. But I would like to have some way to handle this. My issue is the following: I want to use that package for renewals and suspensions. So I'm forced to set the yearly price at $30. The only workaround I found is to create a package with only a setup cost of $15, and then, after the other payment, manually create a service for the hosting package. But this creates two issues for me. The first is that I have to manually create two invoices and a service. And also, this messes up my accounting a bit, because the service creates an invoice for the first year, which I have to void or mark as paid. If this is the only way to have it, so be it, I'll adapt to it. But if there's a better way to handle this scenario, I would love to know how. Remember, I don't need to have everything automatized in Blesta, I don't have an issue creating invoices and bill them manually. But I would like to have the package assigned at the moment of signup for cpanel automatization purposes. Thanks! Nahuel
  6. Well, it works now! Glad I helped somehow to find a little bug. Thanks, Tyson.
  7. Hello Tyson, thanks for your answer. I'm on 4.5.2. How can I verify if the hash is there at the moment of paying? Maybe there's something broke on the link generated.
  8. Hello, I've an issue with the Pay Now link for the sent invoices. They're correctly being sent, and if you click the link on the mail, it will open you the invoice and allowing you to choose a payment method. But when you click on "review and confirm" it takes you to the login page. I've read that this might be caused because of a http / https issue. But I've checked and: 1) the link in the mail is correctly using https and 2) i'm forcing https on the site (even with a hack I found on the forum). Also, I thought that this might be related to some payment method, but trying with an offline one (bank transfer), I still have the same issue. What could I do to fix this?
  9. Hi Paul, thanks for your reply! I don't mind if this doesn't work for the order page, as this is a special treatment I will do for some customers, I can enable it manually. Is there a way to link an invoice to a service in Blesta and trigger a suspension if it isn't paid without having to create a custom plugin? (Outside the one generated by the order) Also, is there a way to have custom fields for the welcome mail? Thanks again!
  10. Hi there I'm trying Blesta for a project I'll be launching in a few weeks. Although it involves hosting, it's mainly a web design service (it's advertised as "managed websites"). What I'm about to ask is not how to do it. I know Blesta can handle it and I can do it with some manual work, in fact I just tested it with one new customer but it took me a lot of time and clicks (and somethings had to be done manually and they're not working as expected) so I would like to know the best way to optimize this scenario and handle it, which will be a frequent one. The services I'm selling have an annual cycle. Each year I charge my users $100 (for example) for designing and managing their websites. Since they're linked to a hosting account, one could say "great! just treat your customer as a hosting customer and that's all", but it's not that perfect. To summarize, this is what I need to do in the most efficient way possible: I create an account and set a new hosting package, which costs $100 every year. The first payment is $50. If paid, everything is activated and the welcome mail* is sent. The second payment has to be done 30 days later. If not paid, then the hosting will be suspended. I need this process, or some part of it, be automatized for the next year when the renewal happens. What's the best course of action here? Having 2 invoices? If I create both invoices, I didn't found how to link them to a service without creating a third invoice -the one generated by the system at the time of the order-. On the other hand, if I create the service for $100, then I have an invoice for 100 which I can't divide. I saw that a customer can apply a partial amount to pay an invoice. Although this seems like an elegant solution, is not the ideal one for me. I don't want that my customers manually enters how much they pay. I just want to send them a link with a $50 invoice so they can go straight to my payment processor. Most of my customers are non-techie and having a complex billing system can lead me to more troubles than solutions, so I want that everything in their end is as simpler as possible. Bear in mind that this scenario will be repeated year after year. I didn't find an option to associate a created invoice to an active service (which then could trigger a suspension if it's due), maybe I overlooked something. What would be the best way to handle this? * The other thing is the welcome email. Is there a way to have custom fields in the welcome email outside the cpanel details? I want to give them their login details for the CMS and the Blesta client portal. Hope I made myself clear. Thanks in advance
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