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  1. works perfect, wow thanks! but how i can delete this informations in the order process? i have now in the order process my fields too.
  2. Thanks for the Code, works perfect, the Customer have now a new Menu on the left side, but the Informations from the Universal Modul what i enter in the Order see the Customer not, he see only title, more not.. what is my fail?
  3. I have created too a Product over the Universal Module, works perfect! very nice! But how can see the Customer the Datas? see here: How you created a menu for the Datas?
  4. This way is fine too: All on one Order Site, and under "Configurable Options" is the field "Domain" and he MUST enter a Domain, under Available Add-Ons is Domain Regestration, he CANT choose none, he MUST choose Domain Regestration, "none" can be complete deleted. Thats is fine too, then I have to register the domain by hand but that's okay first for all.
  5. Hello! I search a Developer for a custom Order page, i need this steps: First Site is the Standard Order Page, next Site is the Domain Order Site, Last Site is the Checkout. No other way, a domain must be bought! and i search: a Custom Register Site, a Custom Login Site, and a Custom better looks Order Page. PN me with your Price. I can pay ONLY with Bitcoins! no other way.
  6. i have found the proble, "Mails from" was name@ip and not name@domain.cf i have changed it, works perfect. thanks for your time
  7. Expected response code 250 but got code "501", with message "501 5.1.7 Bad sender address syntax " i dont understand that problem, its work with direct to the customer over blesta, but automatic dont work.
  8. Hello, i have a problem, new customers / order Emails dont sending i test here to send a new mail : path/admin/clients/view/1/ he say: The email failed to send due to a configuration issue. im sending a Mail over the Mass Mailer he sending the mail succesfull, im sending a mail over path//admin/clients/email/1/ direct to the customer, he sending the mail succesfull. The cronjob says: Unable to deliver 2 invoices to client #1500 via Email due to error: The email failed to send due to a configuration issue. the SMTP is working, i have tesed with SSL / TLS and Port 465 and 587 What the hell is the problem?.. Thanks!
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