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  1. Is any one got error with ssh Key Section I cant find a Key From Drop Down
  2. apweslk

    Vultr Configuration

    These are The Steps I did 01.Downloaded vultr plugin and Installed on Blesta. 02.Add Account with username as my email and api key 03.Create Package Group and a One Package on it. 04.Made a new Order Form to sell VPS. 05. Logged in as a Client and Choose Vps on the Order menu 06. Select the Package I Want and Clicked Next 07 After that Page keep loading for a like 1min and got two files on logs_blesta Folder Attached Below. general-error-2018-12-29.log general-notice-2018-12-29.log
  3. apweslk

    Vultr Configuration

    Something went wrong. Undefined property: Vultr::$module_row came after setting 0 to -1 in blesta.php
  4. I Installed vultr module and make necessary oderform and packages when I going through the order form its logging this error while i am getting HTTP 500. Any Ideas ? [2018-12-25 19:04:02] general.NOTICE: E_NOTICE: Undefined property: Vultr::$module_row {"code":8,"message":"Undefined property: Vultr::$module_row","file":"/home/apweslk/public_html/hosting/blesta/components/modules/vultr/vultr.php","line":901}
  5. apweslk

    Password Reset Help

    Okay I reuploaded Now it works but there is one question. My old Database name was "blesta" new one is "hosting" after replacing above mentioned file which database activated now ?
  6. apweslk

    Password Reset Help

    no I didnt do that
  7. I backup the my existing blesta installation from phpmyadmin. Then installed new location and Imported that Backup I did. when I tried to Login with old username and password it failed. even with new one. When I Tried to reset password something is error with email functionality. I need help to change password from PhpMyadmin Help me please
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