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  1. I did a bit more investigation on my own.. So what if i create error in the addService because there is this check `if (($errors = $this->Services->errors())) {`, will then the cron run again this service on the next run?
  2. Hello, Im creating a blesta module, the problem i have is that the module is using external API that have request rate limits. The problem i want to prevent is when running addService via the cron in case the API is rate limited and there is no response is it possible to skip the cron run, by skip i mean to skip this run and run it again on the next cron run?
  3. Well doing it as you said worked. Thanks
  4. Unfortunately app.min.js is not working for me because it bundles bootstrap with it. Hostmaster told me someone here might be able to give me the non bundle version of app.min.js
  5. Hello, Im using the latest blesta 4.4.2 version, im making custom template unfortunately i cant use app.min.js but i need the blesta-client.js from it with i cant find anywhere.
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