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  1. These implementations were made because of security concerns. I am glad you were able to find out the root. But kindly note that these functions can all be achieved by the user interface on the admin side of the panel.
  2. Hello, i had asked @Paul if blesta supported the new API version of CWP. he mentioned it does. Could you kindly fast track the process and see if its an up to date version.
  3. @Amit Kumar Mishra have you tried checking out CWP. i believe it has many useful features and functions, and is so far the most actively developed control panel.
  4. did modifying the port work fine for you?
  5. This would be very interesting to see. Unless this is supported, you deploy 2 instances of blesta, one on the sub domain, while the other one on the main website link /order and set both of them to use the same databse as the backedn, so that everything is the same. Then have a scenarios where on the website everyone is sent to the order side, while you give the clients the client.domain.com for their login area. Unless there is a better way for that.
  6. this is the most craziest argument i have ever seen on the internet. Anyway it was fun just reading through
  7. in alot of cases, a customer begins to place an order for the hosting plan, especially for cases where a hosting plan comes bundled with a free domain. so how will the customer achieve. 1) Order hosting => 2) search to register new domain => 3) add details to order. In short, customer needs not go back to order new domain for them to add a hosting plan. it should be part of the hosting registration steps
  8. Under hosting plan ordering page. there is a textbox for setting a domain name. There should be an option to choose whether to 1) use existing, 2) transfer 3) register new. If register new is selected, a domain search box appears and the user can see if the domain is available for purchase or not. Otherwise we may have account with domains which the users do not own. not sure they can be changed. is this currently possible in blesta, or will it be expected ina future update, say version 4.6
  9. whatever happened to this module am not sure. @Blesta Addons care to comment on the same?
  10. @austenite kindly if you are not using a particular control panel, kindly you have your reasons, dont spoil for others.. we are not in the competition of which control panel is better.
  11. i am using cwp with softaculous. if its a sftaculous thing is it not easy to just make support for cwp?
  12. is the support for the other panels now available?
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