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  1. whatever happened to this module am not sure. @Blesta Addons care to comment on the same?
  2. @austenite kindly if you are not using a particular control panel, kindly you have your reasons, dont spoil for others.. we are not in the competition of which control panel is better.
  3. i am using cwp with softaculous. if its a sftaculous thing is it not easy to just make support for cwp?
  4. is the support for the other panels now available?
  5. The new year has began. and the first week is almost coming to a n end. is this module ready for release?
  6. yes CentOS Web Panel supports Softaculous. and it works great.
  7. When will this module be completely availble, i really need this. it would really help alot.
  8. This is nice, could you consider making the same for centos webpanel.
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