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  1. Hi I have a blesta owned license for sale with 11 months support/updates for $125 paid via PayPal only. License is held with Licencecart
  2. Trax

    Disable Package

    Ignore this i've managed to do it through phpmyadmin.
  3. Trax

    Domain + Hosting

    What is the best way if possible to set-up domain + hosting. I want to offer with domain registration a free hosting plan? So client purchases domain and gets a specific hosting plan with it?
  4. Trax

    Disable Package

    Hi, So one of my servers went down today so i wanted to disable the hosting package to stop any orders being place but was faced with and issue when i went to save it? Any other way to disable the the hosting package?
  5. Instead of me removing the code for this would there not be a way to restrict access to the cPanel information/link by restricting it with group permissions ? For example {if $group eq 'A'} A does not have access to this area {elseif $group eq 'B'} While group B can see this area {/if} I'm not sure what code it would have to be within blesta templates but would this be possable and can you point me in the right direction?
  6. Hi, Is there away to remove/disable the cPanel login link from inside the client area that is shown under active services when the client clicks the service the link is then shown? Thanks!
  7. Yep, Softaculous premium is installed on cPanel. I have the latest blesta running too.
  8. Trax

    Edit Domain Field

    Hey, What file do i need to be editing to edit the "Domain" field on the order form under the "Configurable Options"?
  9. Yes i've had it all set up with the pricing, settings etc... Followed the Docs for setting it up, everything shows on the order form for it all. When running a test order the order goes through but no software is installed?
  10. Does this only work if Blesta is hosted on the same servers as Softaculous? I've just tried this to a remote server but doesn't work?
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