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  1. I figured it out. I'm using the wizard template and modified: plugins/order/views/templates/wizard/config.pdt Line 29 was this: $selected_price = $this->Html->ifSet($vars->pricing_id, $item['pricing_id']); I changed it to: $selected_price = 1; Yes it is a core mod which I need to keep in mind during upgrades, but at least the most expensive package is presented and selected first now.
  2. I made this change (because I also want the Yearly price shown first...) and the drop-down is now displaying it in the correct order, however, the "selected" option is the lowest monthly choice. So where can the "selected" option be changed to the first item in the list (which would be the yearly option)?
  3. I have Support Manager configured to receive tickets via email - which works great. However, if someone sends an email, Blesta doesn't reply with the Ticket Received email. If someone creates a ticket from their account, they receive the Ticket Received email. Is there something I can change so that regardless how the ticket was received (either email or created from their account) they will receive an email confirmation?
  4. Yes! That was the piece I was missing. Thank you!
  5. If there are required fields on the order form, what change needs to be made so there is a visual indication to the user of the required fields (like a red * )?
  6. I am using the multi-company function, however, I cannot get daily reports to run from more than one company. I can get invoices to generate and email out, but not any of the reports. Any help where to look would be appreciated.
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