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  1. Hi all, I am opening this thread to discuss issues/bugs and wanted features in the Proxmox module. I really would like to use it but I found it to be cumbersome and lacking features with some bugs. Requested Features I noticed that when creating a service with the module it doesn't show the VM's IP anywhere in the service itself (client side). You have to go to the dashboard and click the service (this isn't obvious). It doesn't display the login info to the Proxmox panel for the user. When cancelling a service it does not add the IP of the VM back to the server (does not make it available again). You can have manually add the IP back which is tedious. Bugs There is a bug when the service is created, the first time a service is created it gives the client a user and password (e.g. vmuser1 and a randomly generated password). When you cancel the service and add a new one it sends the username via email but has a blank password. In both scenarios I didn't see any user created on Proxmox either. It would be really useful if this feature would work, so the customer could access Proxmox. When cancelling a service through the admin side it displays a red 'error' bar at the top of the page with an "X". When this happens it stops the VM but does not destroy it. If you cancel it again it destroys the VM. Questions Does the module support IPv6? If so, how does it work? If I find anything else I'll reply to this thread.
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