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  1. ok, does the mobile email field need to be empty?
  2. Hello, are there any news? How come I don't receive administrative notifications? Thank you
  3. yes, customers receive emails correctly.
  4. Hello, it's all set but I don't receive email notifications. Thank you
  5. Hello, how come I can't receive emails. - Email BCC Notices - Email Subscription Notices Thank you
  6. lupus89

    Enable account credit

    Hello, how can I enable credit for accounts. I can't add credit to an account through admin. Thank you
  7. lupus89

    Problem Stripe API

    This, unfortunately, means that to comply with international laws on the processing of sensitive data your company should annually fill out the SAQ form (which usually fills out Stripe when you manage the data through our online shopping cart). Is it not possible to manage everything in a stripe? Thank you
  8. Hello, I have translated but it does not change. Thank you for support
  9. lupus89

    Problem Stripe API

    Hello Paul, what do you recommend me to select here? See attached picture. Thank you
  10. Hello, I can't translate two texts: - PayPal Payments Standard - Offline Payment Thank you for support!
  11. lupus89

    Problem Stripe API

    Hello, I get this warning. -------------------------------------------------- Are you sure you want to manage sensitive credit card information directly? Before continuing, confirm: I understand that Stripe Radar will not be active and that my business will not be automatically protected from fraud. I have understood what my obligations of compliance with the PCI rules are if I manage credit card information directly. I cannot change my integration to collect payment information securely.
  12. lupus89

    Problem Stripe API

    but is this procedure safe? there is no alternative? where will the credit card codes be deposited? Thank you
  13. lupus89

    Problem Stripe API

    Hello, I have this error: Sending credit card numbers directly to the Stripe API is generally unsafe. To continue processing use Stripe.js, the Stripe mobile bindings, or Stripe Elements. For more information, see https://dashboard.stripe.com/account/integration/settings. The payment gateway returned an error when processing the request. Thank you
  14. lupus89

    Customer data

    Hello, for tax reasons the data an invoice cannot be modified once generated. Is it possible not to modify the customer data? Thank you
  15. Hello, I need the path to translate part of the invoice into the language. the size of the invoice logo is not specified. Thank you
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