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  1. As far as the shipping data goes, I spoke with square and they said to use ask_for_shipping_address to false I've tried: 'ask_for_shipping_address' => isset($address = false), 'ask_for_shipping_address' => false 'ask_for_shipping_address' = false, all have failed. any suggestions?
  2. Thanks, Tyson. I'm looking into that.
  3. I found a solution. Its a square peg in a round hole but, it works. edit the blesta->app->views->client->bootstrap->client_pay_method.pdt remove line 75: <h4><?php echo $this->Html->ifSet($options_heading);?></h4> then add this to the very bottom of the page: <script> jQuery(function(){ jQuery('.gateway').click(); $('.gateway').parent().hide(); }); </script> The form will process without the need for the customer to click the radio button.
  4. I've already disabled the credit card and ACH options. Square is my only gateway/payment option. what I'm looking to do is to make it so that the client doesn't have to select/click the little radio button. I've tried a few Jquery tricks to click onload, on.load, DOM while making that radio button hidden. nothing works. I've also tried including 'checked' in the code. 2) square is getting the customer info and applying it to shipping info
  5. Hey all! I was wondering if this mod could be ported to the quotes? It would be cool if the client could get a link in their email that brings them to an HTML version thats mobile friendly and easy to read, maybe an accept and reject button.
  6. Hopefully, This is proper forum etiquette. Whacking the dead! 2 part question: I just started using the square mod. I'm interested to know. 1) How would you set the payment option to default? The goal is to minimize the steps that the customer has to take (people are lazy and get annoyed easily) ultimately bypassing the pay/method page if possible. 2) How would you get rid of the shipping info on the square payment form (once again...people)? I want to declutter the page so it doesn't look like some mundane task.
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