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  1. Hello Blesta Community! I've recently started using a new helpdesk program created by Wix called Wix Answers (https://www.wix.com/wixanswers/main/). That being said, it seems to be gaining in popularity pretty quickly and I'd love to have an integration for Blesta with it. What I have in mind is to submit tickets within Blesta using the Wix Answers API, and maybe be able to identify logged in users that choose to use live chat. If anyone is interested in developing this plugin, please contact me via PM. (PS. I have PM'd some of you already, but that was from a really old account I had back in the day which I no longer have access to the email, so if you responded to that PM, please PM my new profile 🙂) Wix Answers API: https://help.wixanswers.com/en/article/wix-answers-api Wix Answers Widget API: https://help.wixanswers.com/en/article/wix-answers-widget-client-sdk Regards, Michael
  2. Hello Uneschewed! The option to add an order form is not in the Billing Overview screen. Follow the steps outlined here in the documentation to create an order form. Just be sure to select Client Registration as the type: https://docs.blesta.com/display/user/Order+System#OrderSystem-CreatinganOrderForm Hope this helps!
  3. Hi, Gabriel! Thanks for reaching out to the community! I see that ISPAPI is a module created by Hexonet, so support here will be limited. I would reach out to them for further support. Their documentation can be found here. Go through that to make sure you didn't miss a step during setup: https://github.com/hexonet/blesta-ispapi-registrar/wiki/Usage-Guide Hope this helps!
  4. 还不足以继续这个对话。 I'll stick to English. 😂
  5. HI Uneschewed! Thanks for reaching out to the community! Blesta's registration form is part of the pre-included Order System plugin. As such, you need to create an order form with a type of Client Registration if you want to have a registration form. Hope this helps!
  6. Hi there, Gabriel! Thanks for reaching out to the community! IMAP is an extension in PHP and is required in order to process IMAP on your server via PHP execution. To install the PHP extension, follow the steps below. Login into your WHM panel via URL https://server-IP-Address:2087. In the left-hand menu pane, type EasyApache and you will see EasyApache4 option appearing. Click on EasyApache4 option. On the next screen, click on Customize button on current Apache settings. It will load your current Apache settings. Click the PHP Extensions option on the left side. Enable your choice of PHP modules for the PHP version you select (in this case you'll want to search for IMAP) and click on Next. Once necessary PHP modules are selected, the setup will review all the selection. It may take between 2 to 15 minutes based on a number of selected modules. On the next screen, the setup will show the list of packages to be installed. Click on Provision button to install the packages you have selected. Hope this helps!
  7. You can set the currency in the URL by appending currency=USD Of course you can change the currency code if you desire. Please make note that you actually have to have the currency set as active in Blesta in order for this to work. So, for example: https://yourdomain.com/blesta/order/config/index/hosting/?currency=USD OR https://yourdomain.com/blesta/order/config/index/hosting/?group_id=2&pricing_id=4&currency=USD I haven't tried the language part, but I assume there is probably a similar method. I have it working on my site with GeoIP multi-currency if you want to test that it works.
  8. Recently redid the website and here's the result of the integration into the new site design. What do you think?
  9. A simple fix you could implement (I used to do this) is to setup a tax at a set percentage that will be sufficient to cover the PayPal fees and then once they pay, the fees will be taken from the total amount and you'll be left with the actual amount for the service.
  10. Well that's definitely odd. I thought for sure you'd make session information available via the API. Well, guess I'm just out of luck on this one.
  11. I'll definitely look into that! I'm just learning Blesta and can't wait to experiment further with it! 😊
  12. Hi everyone! I just wanted to share this with you because I think it would be useful to those who aren't necessarily familiar with PHP and want to display different currencies based upon the user's IP address. Big thanks to @Blesta.Store for sharing a big portion of this code already on the forum. This will pull prices from Blesta's API and allow you to use multiple currencies. After you've uploaded the API SDK, you're going to want to download this file: https://www.geoplugin.com/_media/webservices/geoplugin.class.phps Upload that file into your site's directory, then take the contents below and place it at the top of your site files (or the pages where you will be displaying the prices). <?php require_once('geoplugin.class.php'); $geoplugin = new geoPlugin(); $geoplugin->locate(); // create a variable for the country code $var_country_code = $geoplugin->countryCode; // redirect based on country code: if ($var_country_code == "AU") { $selected_currency = "AUD"; } else if ($var_country_code == "CA") { $selected_currency = "CAD"; } else if ($var_country_code == "AT") { $selected_currency = "EUR"; } else if ($var_country_code == "BE") { $selected_currency = "EUR"; } else if ($var_country_code == "BG") { $selected_currency = "EUR"; } else if ($var_country_code == "CY") { $selected_currency = "EUR"; } else if ($var_country_code == "CZ") { $selected_currency = "EUR"; } else if ($var_country_code == "DK") { $selected_currency = "EUR"; } else if ($var_country_code == "EE") { $selected_currency = "EUR"; } else if ($var_country_code == "FI") { $selected_currency = "EUR"; } else if ($var_country_code == "DE") { $selected_currency = "EUR"; } else if ($var_country_code == "GR") { $selected_currency = "EUR"; } else if ($var_country_code == "HU") { $selected_currency = "EUR"; } else if ($var_country_code == "IE") { $selected_currency = "EUR"; } else if ($var_country_code == "IT") { $selected_currency = "EUR"; } else if ($var_country_code == "LV") { $selected_currency = "EUR"; } else if ($var_country_code == "LU") { $selected_currency = "EUR"; } else if ($var_country_code == "MT") { $selected_currency = "EUR"; } else if ($var_country_code == "NL") { $selected_currency = "EUR"; } else if ($var_country_code == "PL") { $selected_currency = "EUR"; } else if ($var_country_code == "PT") { $selected_currency = "EUR"; } else if ($var_country_code == "RO") { $selected_currency = "EUR"; } else if ($var_country_code == "SK") { $selected_currency = "EUR"; } else if ($var_country_code == "SI") { $selected_currency = "EUR"; } else if ($var_country_code == "ES") { $selected_currency = "EUR"; } else if ($var_country_code == "SE") { $selected_currency = "EUR"; } else if ($var_country_code == "GB") { $selected_currency = "GBP"; } else if ($var_country_code == "IN") { $selected_currency = "INR"; } else if ($var_country_code == "MX") { $selected_currency = "MXN"; } else { $selected_currency = "USD"; } require_once "/home/username/public_html/blesta/api/blesta_api.php"; $user = "username"; $key = "key"; $url = "url"; $api = new BlestaApi($url, $user, $key); $company_id = 1; // Set acceptable currencies $valid_currencies = array("USD", "GBP", "EUR", "INR", "MXN", "AUD"); // Set default currency // Set another currency if given if (isset($_GET['currency']) && in_array(strtoupper($_GET['currency']), $valid_currencies)) $selected_currency = strtoupper($_GET['currency']); $price1 = getPackagePrice($api, 4, "month", 1); $price2 = getPackagePrice($api, 57, "year", 1); $price3 = getPackagePrice($api, 29, "month", 1); $price4 = getPackagePrice($api, 50, "month", 1); $price5 = getPackagePrice($api, 298, "year", 1); $price1_amount = formatCurrency($api, $price1->price, $price1->currency, $selected_currency, $company_id); $price2_amount = formatCurrency($api, $price2->price, $price2->currency, $selected_currency, $company_id); $price3_amount = formatCurrency($api, $price3->price, $price3->currency, $selected_currency, $company_id); $price4_amount = formatCurrency($api, $price4->price, $price4->currency, $selected_currency, $company_id); $price5_amount = formatCurrency($api, $price5->price, $price5->currency, $selected_currency, $company_id); function getPackagePrice($api, $package_id, $period, $term) { $package = $api->get("packages", "get", array('package_id' => $package_id))->response(); $package_price = null; foreach ($package->pricing as $price) { // Get monthly term if ($price->period == $period && $price->term == $term) { return $price; } } return false; } function formatCurrency($api, $amount, $from_currency, $to_currency, $company_id) { // Do the currency conversion $amount = $api->get("currencies", "convert", array('amount' => $amount, 'from_currency' => $from_currency, 'to_currency' => $to_currency, 'company_id' => $company_id))->response(); // Format the currency return $api->get("currencies", "toCurrency", array('value' => $amount, 'currency' => $to_currency, 'company_id' => $company_id))->response(); } ?> Next, you're going to want to create your API credentials in Blesta and fill them in appropriately. After you've done this, simply place the following code (changing the numbers appropriately) where you would like to display the prices. <?php echo $price1_amount; ?> Of course you can make modifications as you desire, but I wanted to share this with you in case anyone wanted to do the same.
  13. I should mention I'm familiar with PHP, it's just my unfamiliarity with Blesta's API that I need help with. Any help would be appreciated greatly!
  14. Hello all, I would like to take advantage of the API in a certain way, but I can't seem to find an answer on it. Basically I want to be able to check the user's login status using the API and then display content based on that status. Anyone know how to do this? Thanks in advance, Michael
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