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  1. mhofer

    Bogus Translations

    Thank you @Paul! Now it looks much better. When searching the zip I still found 18 "A Google translation is currently unavailable." and one with "Google √úbersetzung" which is also wrong. Other than that the translations look mostly correct now. Will also try to contribute some. Is there a way to specifically correct / improve certain translations from within the Blesta Translator interface?
  2. mhofer

    Bogus Translations

    Hi I tried installing the german translation from https://translate.blesta.com/ which is marked as 100% completed. Unfortunately it is far from complete and most translations contain the static text: "A Google translation is currently unavailable." This results in bloated and mostly useless menus / buttons etc. I'd rather have the original english text there. Can anyone tell if there is a way to get a custom compilation of community translations with these filtered out? Regards
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