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  1. Hi, Is there a tag for invoice description? I want to add the invoice description in the email template "Invoice Delivery (Unpaid)", I've tried using {invoice.description} and many other tags but none of them worked. If anyone could help me it would be great.
  2. Does anyone know how to disable the email that is being sent out by the system?
  3. Hi, I'm having an issue when using the tag {invoice.due} in the Email templates. 2 extra decimals appear on the total of the amount due. I've attached an image to better understand what I'm talking about. The amount due should only be "620.00" instead of "620.0000". I've tried modifying some settings in the currency but it didn't solve the issue. Please let me know what I can do to fix this. Thank you, Gabriel
  4. Hi, When trying to Reassign Pricing to a package using the "Reassign Pricing" plugin I get this message: Invalid module row ID from the given pricing ID.
  5. This is something I really don't like about Blesta, the way it handles domains but the way I configured this is by creating a separate package with the price of $0. This Package also has to have its own Group Package. When creating the Order Form, for the "Domain Package Group" choose the Package group that has the free domain. I recommend you label your package and your package group with the word FREE in it so you don't get confused when having to identify each package.
  6. I've provided a picture of the email that is being sent out. I'm currently running Blesta 4.10.2
  7. Hi, Everytime I merge a ticket to another ticket an email is sent out to the costumer saying "This ticket has been merged into ticket #". Is there a way to disable this? Thanks, Gabriel
  8. Great Work and thank you for sharing!
  9. Thank you! I was now able to change "Log In" to spanish.
  10. Thank you. True, just realized the "Billing" is from a third party plugin. I searched in /en_us so I can than copy it to /es_es but I still can't find in the file /navigation.php the "Log In". If you could help me out with this please.
  11. Hi, I've been looking everywhere to edit the language file for the client menu but I had no luck to finding it. What is the path and file so I can edit the client menu? What I basically need to change to spanish is "Billing", "My Invoices" and "Log In"? Thank you, Gabriel
  12. Hi, I want to set up Facebook pixel on my blesta installation but I'm having a problem. I have inserted the Pixel in the file /structure.pdt between the <header> like Facebook says but it's not calling the events like it should. I'm doing all this following the instructions on this link https://www.facebook.com/business/help/402791146561655?id=1205376682832142 If anyone lets me know how to set up Facebook Pixel it would be great. Thank you, Gabriel
  13. Thank you! I will definitely submit a request and I will also try to do what Tyson suggests.
  14. Hi, I want to create staff users for my Sales People, but I only want them to see the clients they have sold a product to, I do not want them to see accounts of clients that are not theirs. I thought I could achieve this by creating different "Client Groups" and assign in the staff area only the group they can see. How can I configure something like this? Is it possible? Thanks, Gabriel
  15. Yes, could it be the domain registration module?
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