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  1. Hi Paul, Thank you, I was able to fix this issue disabling the cron job, then I had to run the cron job manually. Regards, Gabriel
  2. Yes, I was able to save those settings, the port 993 is open on my firewall, the cron job is set up and running, and the automation task is enabled to run every 5 minutes. Still the emails are not getting imported. I had some issues before which were: the first problem was that I needed a mailparse, I installed the mailparse via WHM, but it turned out it only worked on PHP 7.0, so I had to add the hotfix to the root directory of Blesta.
  3. Hi, I'm not able to configure my email in the Support - Departments, What I want and I saw this is possible is that when someone writes directly from their email to support, I get the email in Blesta and it becomes a ticket and I can respond back from Blesta. This is the current configuration I have: I hope you can help me out with this. Thank you. Regards, Gabriel
  4. Hi Michael, Thanks! I'll be reaching out directly to them.
  5. Hi, I am having problems with the module Ispapi, I have already created packages but the problem I have is when I want to activate the product from the Clients interface, I get this error: Object does not exist; ns ns1.cyberglobalnet.net does not exist. It seems like the system is adding a "ns " with a space automatically. How can I fix this? Thank you. Regards, Gabriel
  6. Hi Michael, Thank you very much for the help! It worked like a charm!
  7. Hi, I was setting up a Department in Support, and I had some problems, the first problem was that I needed a mailparse, I installed the mailparse via WHM, but it turned out it only worked on PHP 7.0, so I had to add the hotfix to the root directory of Blesta. I was able to do all that, but now when I add a Department and choose Email Handling as IMAP, I get this error: The PHP IMAP extension is required for downloading messages via POP3 or IMAP. Where do I install this PHP IMAP extension? I don't know if this matters but just in case, I use G Suite, not cPanel email.
  8. Hi Tyson, I have another question, This plan has a module which is cPanel, if I check "Cancel at end of term" will it erase the cPanel account from my server? or will it just cancel the Plan and the client won't have access to the cPanel anymore?
  9. Hi Tyson, Thank you for your answer, I'll be doing this manually. I hope you'll be able to release this before the end of the year.
  10. Hello, I've started creating packages on Blesta, but I have 1 question that I wasn't able to find the answer to it. I want to create a package that only the 1st year charges the client 10.00$ and I want the 2nd year to automatically charge the client 45.00$. Is there a way to configure a package like this? or would I have to install a module or plugin? Thank you. Regards, Gabriel
  11. Thank you Tyson. That seemed to be the problem. I have now opened blesta as a client in another browser and I was able to change between languages.
  12. Hi, I have recently installed Blesta, I have clients who only know spanish, I was able to install spanish into Blesta but for some reason when changing the language in the client account it doesn't work, neither does when creating a new client and selecting spanish as the language for that account. I was only able to set spanish under Settings -> General -> Localization, but the problem with that is that it sets spanish as the primary language for the whole Blesta program. I don't know what I am doing wrong or how to fix this. I hope someone will be able to help me with this. Regards, Gabriel
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