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  1. Hi All, Hoping to see a new option in Blesta for the cPanel addin that allows a configurable option to select a different server. For example HOSTING A HOSTING B HOSTING C Addons: PREMIUM SERVER Hosting A, B, C would provision the account on whatever server its configured to do so.... then adding the "premium server' addon will provision the account to your gold standard cream of the crop server, with an extra charge applied. My real world example of this is that we provide web hosting in the cloud, hosted in the USA. We are a Bermuda Web Hosting compa
  2. yea I had a feeling it would need to be a "Bermuda" package assigned to that server, with other packages assigned to the cloud server. I will input the request though! I think configurable options could greatly expand the capabilities of account provisioning Thanks Paul
  3. Hi All! I'm new to Blesta and the Blesta community so expect lots of questions hah! Hello! I'm setting up Blesta and got my Web Hosting packages with cPanel setup, however I had a question. A little background info: I'm doing some work for a Bermuda based Web hosting company. Our main web-server is located in the cloud, hosted in the USA. Some companies require data residency in Bermuda so we offer that as well. We have a web server hosted in a Bermuda datacenter and would like to offer that as an option as well. My question is... I'd like to have web hos
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