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  1. Good afternoon! I would REALLY love to use Blesta and get rid of WHMCS, but the one thing holding me back is the Centova Cast module. I see others have had similar problems, but I'm not seeing any solutions, perhaps due to a language barrier. I'll explain the problems I'm having and provide screenshots. Adding a New Service It wants me to specify the hostname of the server, even though it was set to select a server automatically... ...so I do. Internal error... ...but the stream was still provisioned, using the first few letters of the server hostname instead of something else. ...and nothing shows up under services in the client account. If I set to a status of pending instead, then it adds the service just fine. At this point, I've manually deleted the account provisioned in Centova Cast so I can show you what happens when I attempt to activate the service. It did, however, successfully provision the service. Notice how it continues to use the first few letters of the server hostname and how the password doesn't match between Centova Cast and Blesta. Adding existing services without using the module functions isn't much different. I can't correct the username. There is no place to change it. Thank you, Christopher Zeman
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