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  1. Nah. The server's domain is anydomain.site (anydomai). I initially tried using Blesta to add anydomain.top and that failed a month or so ago so I manually provisioned it as (anydoma2). Now today in response to a chat with Paul on Discord I am attempting anydomain.website. I just tried another test with a different yet similar domain ... same issue. On this one the module did not try to provision (as the invoice was unpaid) so I attempted provisioning. I also notice that the cron job is running and failing every 5 minutes from my first attempt. How do I make it stop?
  2. Yes. You tell me. Everything I read in the limited documentation says that Blesta creates services when it runs a cron job every 5 minutes, so I will assume the cron. But I can't tell you, other than when I went to check in the logs it was already attempted, and failed. Not applicable, as I am expecting the module to do it's job. The domain name is entered on the order form by the client. You can see what happens in the log.
  3. Same exact issue as: Except replace 'Vesta' with Direct Admin. Here are the logs from Blesta: I was told that I should give a description of the error and how to duplicate it. The error is that the server already has a domain name similar to the one being added, and then when adding another it fails. ex. anydomain.site is already on the server with the account name (anydomai). So adding anydomain.website fails as you can see in the image of the logs. As for how to duplicate, that should be obvious from the description of the error. This is Blesta Installed Version 4.7.1 running on shared hosting.
  4. I am new to Blesta and am trying to create an addon which can have a quantity from 0 to 2 and a second addon which can have a quantity from 0 to 8. So far the only method I see is using a slider, which IMHO is ugly. I would definitely PREFER this option. Thank you @Blesta Addons
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