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  1. No. I never heard back from Blesta about it.
  2. I'm not sure removing the tax would be the correct course of action because that would potentially lead to broken reports at a later date. I still need to know how much tax was paid per invoice (and not all line items or customers are taxed). In my WHMCS install the "Taxation Type" setting under /setup/payments/tax is set to "Inclusive Tax - prices are entered including tax" I've attached screen shots of the same paid invoice from WHMCS and Blesta after importing The Blesta import has taken the taxable item and added an additional 10% (AU GST Tax) as the taxable amount to the total
  3. Howdy, I am testing out Blesta and ran the WHMCS Import process, but it appears invoices were imported incorrectly. My WHMCS install is setup to use "Inclusive Tax", so that all prices are entered with tax included. Blesta seems to assume that tax is excluded. The problem is now all the old invoices in Blesta are showing as owing a taxable amount on top of the amount already paid. Is there any way I can fix this automagically? Dave.
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