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  1. Well, I ordered this template. Sure wish I hadn't. It advertises lifetime support/updates. They only provide 1 year. You can pay $30usd/yr to keep getting updates though. Their demo is displayed using WHMCS (looks pretty polished) Try using it with Blesta. It is far from polished. I created a ticket regarding these issues. No response was given even though the autoreply on ticket generation was "You will receive a response within 24 hours". That was over 4 days into the ticket. So I started the dispute process with Paypal to which I received a response within 10 minutes and a reply to the ticket. The reply did not address how the template is basically incomplete on Blesta. Just to try to cover their butt in front of Paypal's eyes stating they had an updated TOS that says all templates are only 12 months of support. I am posting this in hopes nobody else gets tricked into paying for this product.
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