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  1. Yep, that was it. Darnit. I thought I had changed all the currencies. Now, Can anybody tell me why I cannot see the created accounts in my cPanel?
  2. Did I misunderstand? I thought that if the quantity was blank (0), then there was no limit to the uses. and the Terms say: "If none are enabled, then the term for the service will be ignored when evaluating coupon limitations" Is the quantity an Item you have to have a greater than zero number in?
  3. This is the system currently, working, but not the coupons: https://www.dropbox.com/s/cvtjoldvje59j1z/coupons not working.webm?dl=0 I did go in and check, and it did say the service was activated, but it's not creating a visible account in the WHM panel. I am able to access and log into the "accounts" cPanel from the services section, so they do exist Really confused by that.
  4. Yes, I'm running it on one of our live servers. Will DM you the address.
  5. Hi Tyson, Ok, in that regard I get it. However why does it re-add the item effectively doubling up, instead of completing the order? Coupons do also still not apply. When using the "standard" form, Nothing gets added to the cart when selecting a plan an moving on to step 2. order form as it is currently: Video of the standard form in action. https://www.dropbox.com/s/6h7f5nceaepmkiz/blesta1.webm?dl=0
  6. Hi Tyson, That was what was causing it to not show. Changed to offline payment because I'm just testing and don't want to go through a hassle with paypal propper. Now I still need to figure out whats causing the cart not to empty (When Empty cart is clicked), The coupons (100%) not to apply and why it does this: It doesn't complete the process, it just adds the package to the cart again.
  7. As i said, complete noob, so bear with me. I'm just trying to test the system to confirm that its usable for me, and I dont have a merchant gateway yet, but am discussing with DPO about creating one for blesta. What would you suggest if I just want to test its functionality properly before buying a license?
  8. Hey, The Gateway, sorry. Mixed terminology. but the front end does not display:
  9. Hi, Complete Noob here, Using version 4.6.0 I've followed the documentation as best I can, and set up the system. Most of its working just fine. However I've setup the paypal portal to temp test the system, and It doesn't show in the front end when trying to process the cart. I've also set up a 100% coupon which does nothing to the cart total and the Empty cart button does nothing. Any obvious mistakes I've made, more info I can provide?
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