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  1. Glad you got it working. Ironically I hit the same problem after, but noticed this was due to the packages having 0 stock. Not sure if it's worth a mention for others.
  2. Feel free to PM me the links you are experiencing issues on and I'll keep thinking in the mean time. Do you have any SSL rules on your web hosting panel or server? .htaccess, etc? Regards, Michael
  3. Hi Sixten, My experience of this has only been brief and usually cleared up after a while, I don't remember the history of changes I made unfortunately. My first thoughts would be to try different order form types, clearing cache, cookies, trying other browsers and checking your website logs. Regards, Michael
  4. Apologies for the necro. I would just like to join the list of people who are interested in this feature, as well as some of my customers who have expressed this concern. p.s the "key" generated on my install doesn't work when entering to Google Authenticator, only the QR code. But that might be for another thread.
  5. Thank you, it is PHP 7.3.17. Based on the latest Blesta release notes and core developments, I would say every one is working very hard. Happy to be patient on this one
  6. Hi Stu, Google and others can be convenient but if you really care about your data you might want to self-host this. If you're not keen on that, you can meet in the middle and go with a mail provider that is smaller and more focused on the security and integrity of your data. Cheers
  7. With 9 location offerings and 3 packages per location, my package list is growing quite full. I decided to convert my reseller offerings to 3 packages, with 9 configurable options instead. To accept the order, I have to select the correct server (as opposed to the default package one) that correlates to the configurable option, and that's that. Some sort of automated connection between that configurable option and the server would be great to automate this. Cheers.
  8. Hi friend, I'd be interested to know what's causing this and whether it's the same problem I'm experiencing. Every domain turns "Sorry, that domain is not available." The transfer option seems to work, however. Slight differences in our log display also have me intrigued. I was previously using the pre-forked version and since upgraded to 1.10.1.
  9. Great, I'm following this development.
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