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  1. I am wondering if someone can perhaps help me out with this? Having the coupon codes is very important, as that would help track the affiliate sale. I do not want my hard working affiliates to miss out on making money, due to my lack of coding skills 🙂 Thanks much!
  2. Hey everyone! First let me start by saying that I am really loving my new Blesta store. I do need some help though. I am trying to integrate Affiliatly (a really nice affiliate software) into blesta, and I contacted their support. They told me to ask in here for help. Here is what they need: so I am pretty sure that the first one can be done - adding the code to the footer. I do not know how yet, but I will dig into it and figure it out. Any pointers on how to do that would be highly appreciated. Does Blesta have a thank you page? I have yet to find that. If it does - can I put the code there? How do I push the data over to them? What are the codes for the order, price and coupon_code in Blesta? Thank you much for all your help!
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