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  1. Edit the php file of cookie cutter, then uninstall via the backend admin section.
  2. So I was able to edit the plugin php file and comment out two lines of code. I was then able to get to the uninstall option. Case solved, ticket closed.
  3. This is the error is the cookie cutter plugin folder is named correctly. Uncaught Error, code 0 in /home/puzzlepiece/clients.puzzlepiecehosting.com/plugins/cookiecuttr/cookiecuttr_plugin.php on line 112 Message: Call to undefined method Blesta\Core\Util\Events\Event::getReturnVal()
  4. I have disabled the error reporting and plugins page on the backend is a mess, and the page reports missing. I have to enable error reporting to make the messed up page active. If I change the cookie cutter folder back to its real name, my entire blesta install fails and won't load.
  5. Hi, 5.0.4 is the current version installed.
  6. In addition, the only way for me to have my Blesta install function is to rename the cookie cutter plugin folder. But it's still messing up the plugins backend as seen above.
  7. Hi, The Cookie Cutter plugin is not compatible with the new version of Blesta. How can I force manually uninstall the cookie cutter plugin? I can't uninstall via the plugins admin section, I only get this. CookieCuttr Plugin (ver ) Author: Something went wrong. Illegal string offset 'url'
  8. Update, my hosting provider found that the cookie cutter plug in not compatible with the new version.
  9. Hi, I logged on and performed the upgrade to 5.0.1 via softaculous. I then went to the browser upgrade step, and clicked that. The progress completed and the page refreshed. Once the page refreshed, Blesta will not load, neither the admin or user side. I'm getting the HTTP 500 error. My site is: https://clients.puzzlepiecehosting.com/ Any help would be great, as I am down.
  10. Hi, Using PHP option for mail settings and this was the error in the log. [2019-12-14 00:13:03] general.NOTICE: E_USER_DEPRECATED: The Swift_Transport_MailTransport class is deprecated since version 5.4.5 and will be removed in 6.0. Use the Sendmail or SMTP transport instead. {"code":16384,"message":"The Swift_Transport_MailTransport class is deprecated since version 5.4.5 and will be removed in 6.0. Use the Sendmail or SMTP transport instead.","file":"/home/pphost/clients.puzzlepiecehosting.com/vendors/swiftmailer/swiftmailer/lib/classes/Swift/Transport/MailTransport.php","line":45}
  11. Hi, This is an error that repeats: general.WARNING: E_WARNING: sprintf(): Too few arguments {"code":2,"message":"sprintf(): Too few arguments","file":"/home/pphost/clients.puzzlepiecehosting.com/vendors/minphp/language/src/Language.php","line":125}
  12. Hi, So no invoices are being sent out. I go in and modify the invoice and check the box for deliver by email, modify email and nothing. I have manually ran the cron to force the delivery and still nothing. I also saw the option to deliver the invoices to a different email address within the services area and have tried changing email address from gmail to something else. Nothing seems to be working. When I go to a client and send them an email using the option in the left hand menu the email is delivered perfectly. So the email delivery system is working, but none of my customers are getting invoices. Please advise? Thank you
  13. Hi, I have installed the Square non merchant gateway for payment processing. I have an existing Square account and created the application within Square following the directions elsewhere in the forum. I have the application ID, access token, and location ID information with the application set to use the Sandbox settings to ensure everything is working before going live. I have filled in those fields after installing the module. I have attached the image of getting to the point where I have the pay with Square button. No matter what I do when I click the button, it appears that it is going to work but then just returns to the same pay with square button. I have checked the logs and both say success. This is from the log: Input - /client/pay/confirm/ a:1:{i:0;a:3:{s:4:"name";s:10:"Invoice #7";s:8:"quantity";i:1;s:16:"base_price_money";a:2:{s:6:"amount";s:4:"2.50";s:8:"currency";s:3:"USD";}}} Output - /client/pay/confirm/ N; Any help to get the Square module working would be great. Thank you.
  14. Hi Tyson, I would agree, except that it seems like its grayed out. I have three possible groups available and I can't click on them, drag them, select them or otherwise. Not sure what I'm missing as I followed the manual instructions for adding product group and packages. Any assistance would be great.
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