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  1. Kal

    Friendly URLs

    I've now made this a feature request: Friendly URLs (permalinks).
  2. Friendly URLs are, in my opinion, an essential element of any content management system. No one likes a long, ugly URL. But more importantly, no one likes link rot—least of all the site owner who may lose their precious search engine rank when a URL changes. For this reason, a URL should never be dependant on the underlying platform. Here's an example of such a URL, from Blesta's Knowledge Base plugin: https://blesta.example.com/plugin/support_manager/knowledgebase/view/12/testing-your-website-before-it-goes-live/5/ Aside from being unnecessarily long, the URL also includes the follo
  3. I did rummage through your old posts around the time (December 2016), but couldn't find it. Are you able to remember and share, even briefly, the process?
  4. Kal

    Friendly URLs

    Thanks for the info about routes.php. I can see from the code, for example, how `/admin/settings/company/general/localization/` really points to `/admin_company_general/localization/`. By the same logic, `/admin/plugin/support_manager/admin_knowledgebase/` should point to `/support_manager/admin_knowledgebase/`, but trying to load that second URL in a browser doesn't work—so I guess there's something I'm not getting about how it works. Anyway, I suspect I can't achieve what I want with routes, because the table row IDs for knowledge base articles are essential parts of the URLs. Ideally,
  5. Kal

    Friendly URLs

    Is there a way to get Blesta to generate friendlier URLs? I'm thinking of the Knowledge Base in particular. Instead of this: https://blesta.example.com/plugin/support_manager/knowledgebase/view/6/testing-your-website-before-it-goes-live/5/ I'd like to have something like this: https://blesta.example.com/knowledgebase/testing-your-website-before-it-goes-live
  6. Thanks Paul, that's very useful. Is there any way to choose a default if the client navigates to the order form from within the Blesta UI?
  7. Did any progress get made on this? I can't find any option to choose which package is selected by default.
  8. Perfect!! While I'm saying thank you, thanks for all the great new features in 4.11 too. I especially appreciate the ability to enforce email address usernames—something I switched on straight away. 🙂
  9. I had wondered if structure.pdt would get overwritten with an update. Indeed it does. This also makes the official instructions for Removing Branding a temporary fix, which isn't mentioned in the docs. Since that feature is advertised on Blesta's pricing page, I'd have hoped for a more robust method. DirectAdmin has a feature where customised config files can be placed within 'custom' subdirectories to protect them from being overwritten. Maybe something like that could work for Blesta? Adding these features to the UI would be even better though. @Paul, you mentioned above that style over
  10. @turner2f Did you end up writing that post? This is exactly what I'm looking for, but this is the only thread I can find on the topic.
  11. Emoji support would be good. I'm surprised this hasn't come up before—I just assume many people would try inserting emoji, so I tested it. Failing that, could you just strip out any non-recognised characters so that the message still goes through?
  12. Yes, when I said 'departments', I wasn't specifically referring to Blesta's feature for categorising support tickets—rather the actual departments they refer to in your business. They are the common link aren't they, between these currently unconnected elements in Blesta? A simple table of corporate departments could contain the email address, signature and even the support category (Department) for each one. While I suppose you're right—it doesn't take that long to go through and change each template—wouldn't this still be an improvement? Is there a good reason to leave it as is, and req
  13. Entering an emoji into a support ticket message (by either client or staff) causes the Reply/Update to fail. There is no error given—just a blank screen. (I'm testing on macOS, using the standard character panel to insert emoji.)
  14. The email templating system pre-populates the 'From Email' fields with addresses like [email protected] and [email protected] If you install Blesta on a subdomain, you'll get email addresses that look something like [email protected], when you probably want [email protected] Or maybe you want something different, like [email protected] Either way, the only way to fix this appears to be to manually edit the From address in each and every template. (See where others have asked about this: From emails how to change?, Problem With Sending From Email Address and Wr
  15. Did this ever happen? I'd like to lose the drop shadows too. 🙂 Edit: I worked around it by creating a custom CSS file in app/views/client/bootstrap/css/: .nav-content .navbar-default .navbar-nav > li > a { text-shadow: none !important; } Then I linked to it from app/views/client/bootstrap/structure.pdt. It works, but is there a better way to do it?
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