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  1. Please do 'edgehosting' is great! we user their WHMCS plugin! The plugin and support has been excellent!
  2. jayjayuk


    Really need Blesta to look at the GoCardless module to: allow syncing of existing mandates to clients. allow GoCardless to take invoice amount on each invoice instead of a fixed fee on sign up of service.
  3. @blestamodules @MDHMatt I was just wondering if anyone knew if there was anyone doing the xero plugin at all please? To sync contacts / invoices / payments
  4. I spoke to a developer and he wants £4000 to do the blesta to xero plugin. Anyone want to join forces to get it done?
  5. jayjayuk


    Is there any updates on allowing Gocardless to take variable invoices from blesta?
  6. It sounds pretty good, a lot of people would want it... if we can get it working with xero, we can then bill via Gocardless for xero which allows variable invoices.
  7. I can’t believe after all this time there is no integration with Quickbooks or xero. id be interested.
  8. jayjayuk


    We are having the same issue.... Did you get this resolved?
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