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  1. On the admin console, I clicked Manage > Activate on the domain plan under Pending. It returned an error: Parameter RegistrantAddress1 is missing. I tried enter the information in the Whois tab. But it returned another error: Parameter RegistrantPhone is invalid. I tried a few combinations, like including country code and without, but both failed. Another observation I found was that the Name Servers tab were blank, but the name servers in the Basic Options were filled. What is the difference between name servers in this two locations?
  2. Configurable option are added by default. Since premium support is optional, it should be set as an add-on.
  3. I'm new to web hosting. I was trying to wrap my mind around Blesta so that my set up is not wrong. I have some questions about the setting up which I hope I can get them clarified here. I have set up my hosting packages. Now, I want to add domain subscription. After installing Namecheap module and set it up with my account, I found that I could add the module to the package as a module, but also as an add-on. If I choose the module option, I could not add other modules anymore such as CyberPanel module. If I choose add-on, then it appear twice in the form: once at the domain verification and the other at the add-on section. What is the right way to set this up?
  4. Answer is to select "Client can add" under Type.
  5. I want to add a data centre selection to my hosting plans. Under Configurable Options, I create a Data Centres under Group, then under Options, I created a new Data Centre where I create the different options. I also assign member packages as shown in the images attached. When I try to order a hosting plan, I do not get to see the radio buttons for me to select. What did I set wrongly?
  6. It's back to health after the next morning. No idea why it didn't show the normal health after upgrading to 4.10.1, but could be a caching issue.
  7. I upgraded Blesta to 4.10.0 but the next day, I saw on the dashboard that the System Status prompted a message: Invoices have not been automatically created via cron in the past 24 hours cron was run successfully as I can see from the log. I also upgraded to 4.10.1 but the warning message persists. What could go wrong here?
  8. Found the answer. Pipe yes to all the prompts. yes | cp -R source_dir destination_dir
  9. I want to upgrade my install to the latest version. In the Blesta documentation, it mentioned that I need to overwrite the files with the new version. I tried using "mv" and "cp" but they require me to type 'y' to every file to be overwrite. How do you do it in a single step?
  10. I am trying to wrap my mind around understanding how to set up CyberPanel module. What I want to achieve is that when a customer signed up for my hosting plan and made the payment, he will automatically get a login account to his WordPress. The WordPress instances that my company set up is based on LiteSpeed with CyberPanel. What is the hostname I should put? Is it the hostname of the Blesta host, or the hostname of the CyberPanel that I installed on a server? What is the name server that I should put? I am using Digital Ocean. Should I therefore use ns1.digitalocean.com etc?
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