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  1. When adding a new service to a user, Blesta asks for: domain, username and password. If you type domain only, blesta auto-fill the username with up to 16 characters of the domain name. Although this limitation doesn't exist in Virtualmin. So if my client has a domain like: thisdomainhasmorethan16characters.com, blesta will only allow (either manually or automatically) 16-characters to be filled in the username field, so in this case it would be: thisdomainhasmor but when using VirtualMin it allows the user to create an unlimited username in length, so this limitation should not exist
  2. Hey guys! I'm planning to use Blesta to manage my webhosting but I need PagSeguro Payment Gateway to work. The PagSeguro token used to be limited to 32 characters, but now for new accounts it's 100 characters. Can you guys please update the plugin to accept both 32 characters and 100 characters? You can check here the new token policy (please, translate to english so you can understand): https://dev.pagseguro.uol.com.br/v4.0/changelog/altera%C3%A7%C3%A3o-do-tamanho-do-token Thanks!
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