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  1. I assume clients can upgrade 'existing' plans, I can't find a way to do this though. All I can do is order a new plan for the same account so I end up with 2 plans for the same client. Am I missing something? Ann
  2. Ok, in my case the order would happen via the website page first where the plan gets selected rather than fromt the blesta order forms with those dropdowns which is somehwat of a workaround to show the correct price from the get go but when I go to the initial order page on mydomain.com/order/cart/index/ordertest it shows me the ex GST order summary where it states: Any applicable taxes will be calculated after you register or log in. Is it possible to show the order form without the actual summary, basically the signup/login only and then show the order only on the next scree
  3. Hi, How can I get the order form to show the actual tax inclusive pricing to show alongside the packages, not just on the cart summary as this somewhat counter intuitive. All the packages are listed without taxes. Versus
  4. It seems to be a mathematical rounding struggle with $9.95 specifically and it's not a Blesta specific problem. Interestingly enough this calculator even has the same issue: https://www.gsttaxcalculator.com.au/ $9.95 and selecting - GST comes back with Total Price $9.05 GST Price $0.90 But if you then go $9.05 and select +GST Total Price $9.96 GST Price $0.91 Same problem there, total price is $9.96 when rounded. My solution here will be charging $9.90 rather than $9.95. I guess the only proper solution would be for the currency precision to
  5. Thankss, that actually worked as far as the cost calucation is concerned, using the correct 9.0450 price on the package does show as $9.95 including GST. However!!! I have a different issue all together now and which is that the invoice now shows as $9.950 rather than $9.95. This is argueably cosmetic but I can't really invoice people with this number of digits displayed. Not a single invoice in Australia would be presented with 3 digits past the dot and I can see it leading to confusion, worse lead to wrong amounts being paid and all the financial messing around that would come with
  6. Thanks, do you mean that with the one license I can run 2 companies and in my case use the second company purely to test things on?
  7. Thanks for getting back to me, going to that setting it's set to 2 already though .
  8. I'm working on getting the money side of things setup and I have set taxes to inclusive and a GST Tax here in AU of 10%, my package needs to end up cosing $9.95 My test package has a ex GST cost of $9.0450. With that figure when applying the service the invoice then correctly shows me $9.95 as the charge, however once in pending state the client invoice shows $9.96 all of a sudden in the open invoices area and also when I now click the invoice Same Client invoice now choosing "view invoice" Taking that down to 9.0440 then only charges $9.94 but aga
  9. I'm currently trialing Blesta and so far so good so will be looking at purchasing a license. Having said that being still new to this product I'm a bit worried about taking this live while I'm also still learning the ropes and obviously don't want to impact the functionality of a live instance, I'm sure I'm not the only person who would be needing a staging site where I can test things out while also having my production install. What's the solution for this that people use, is there another type of license allowing for this, can a license be used on 2 sites? Sorry if this has been aske
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