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  1. Thanks again, Jono! This time it seems to be outputting, "Array". What could be causing that?
  2. Thanks, Jono! Could you tell me how I can use this locally in the structure.pdt file? Like I said originally, I'm not great with APIs.
  3. Thanks, but <?php echo $this->Html->_($contact->numbers); ?> doesn't return anything.
  4. I should have also mentioned I need it to be formatted into a normal variable, it'll be implemented like this: <script> window.intercomSettings = { app_id: "app_id", phone: "<?php echo $verify_phone; ?>", name: "<?php echo $this->Html->_($contact->first_name, true) . ' ' . $this->Html->_($contact->last_name, true);?>", email: "<?php echo $verify_email; ?>", // Email address user_hash: "<?php echo $email_sig; ?>" // HMAC using SHA-256 }; </script>
  5. Hey there, guys! I'm almost finished integrating Blesta with Intercom, but something is holding me from the finish line. I'm trying to retrieve a client phone number so that I can push it to Intercom and then my phone system can create logs in Intercom based on that phone number. Problem is, I'm not very familiar with APIs or anything, so this one's been bugging me. What's going to be the easiest way to retrieve this information? Keep in mind that I'm not trying to retrieve it remotely, so I'm just doing it from within Blesta itself and implementing the actual code into my Intercom JavaSc
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