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    Hello, after Blesta upgrade, I already getting again this error. I tried to go system general settings, I got this error. My php.ini settings open_basedir = none


    Today, I was trying work with my project and all my Blesta system settings are broken, I was not touching anything Something went wrong. is_dir(): open_basedir restriction in effect. File(/home/***/web/***/blesta_uploads/) is not within the allowed path(s): (/home/***/web/***/public_shtml:/home/admin/tmp) on line 91 in /home/***/web/*/public_shtml/app/controllers/admin_system_general.php There are 1 page example of error. I was trying to figure how to fix this problem, but no luck.
  3. Hello, When I uninstall 1 plugin, My plugin page stopped working
  4. Still today, Blesta CMS is very hard to install. I install BlestaCMS I go to on my main website, I got this error I tried then delete CMS plugin folder, I tried disable, i tried edit template structure, Still not working and can't launch properly
  5. Now it's showing for me. Thank you for hotfix.
  6. Yeah, that's was my mistake, I typed VestaCP credemtials and everything working fine. Thank you Tyson for help.
  7. I uploaded in "public_shtml/plugins"
  8. I upload Blesta_cms folder in plugins folder and when I Head over to the settings page on Blesta: Settings > Company > Plugins available . I can't see BlestaCMS plugin.
  9. I set my server my hostname, user name root and my server password, port 22, hostname can't be url. But still don't working I set my blesta debug, but nothing showing in my Error log I set my VestaCP server data in module settings still not working An internal error occurred, or the server did not respond to the request.
  10. I don't going to use BlestaCMS because it's corrupted all my Blesta engine. Is there any change how I can edit navigation bar?
  11. I attach error log image. When I installed CMS and tried to launch website.
  12. I turn on Blesta debugging, still I got this error. I check: Blesta logs, /var/log/nginx/access.log, /var/log/nginx/error.log, nor /var/log/nginx/php_errors.log And don't get any information, I don't know which error_log I need to open to see exactly problem.
  13. Okay, I think I already installed BlestaCMS but now all my blesta website broken. I can't get in my website, I got HTTP ERROR 500.
  14. Hello, already stuck on BlestaCMS Installation, I can't find download link in this documentation.
  15. Ohh, i have weakest skills on PHP programming, So I don't know I can make it. Is there any chance to edit original files?
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