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  1. Perfect! This is exactly what I was looking for and needed. This will for sure work for my use case I believe! 😃
  2. The title is my question. What I am wanting to do is like... for the order form... give the customer 3 starting choices (for example Beginner Packages, Intermediate Packages, & Advanced Packages) the client chooses which the want which then takes them to the next step of the order process where they can view whats available to order within the choice they made on step 1. Does this make sense to anyone? Any way to do this?
  3. I tried to reach out but haven't gotten a response yet. I know its gotta be crazy with support right now because pretty much everyone is constantly on the internet right now for work, lol. I WAS able to fix it myself so I'm writing this here in case anyone else runs into this issue they can find an answer. What I did was after uninstalling Blesta CMS I had to also then COMPLETELY uninstall and remove the Blesta Portal plugin... then reinstall and reactivate it... and it returned things back to normal. Thanks so much Tyson for all your help!
  4. Hello there. Still unsure of how to fully revert Blesta back to a pre BlestaCMS state. I'm not sure which files I'm supposed to update. I have fully uninstalled the BlestaCMS plugin. Any help you could give would be great! Thanks a ton!

  5. This helps a TON! Thank you so much! Looks like I will need to reinstall and re-setup blesta now so that 1.) I have it in a subdomain and 2.) I can undo whatever BlestaCMS did because even after uninstallint BlestaCMS It's still hijacked my blesta front page somehow. Thank you SO much though! These were some answers that I needed!
  6. I'm still having issues with this. I have no idea how to revert back. I've uninstalled Blesta CMS yet I'm still getting the 404 page. Any help would really be appreciated!
  7. I did use the full URL including https. When I copy and paste the link into my browser it does indeed load.
  8. I didn't actually make any changes with BlestaCMS once I read that documentation you linked above I knew it was way over my head. I uninstalled by going to settings > company > plugins. I installed my Blesta with Softaculous so I want to be clear... you want me to reinstall it again with Softaculous? I already had the Blesta Portal plugin installed... I should reinstall it as well?
  9. I recently installed BlestaCMS... after discovering it wasn't what I was looking for I deactivated it. Now when I load my main blesta portal page I get the 404 error page instead of the portal. I'm not sure where to go from here to fix this. I just want to return to pre BlestaCMS blesta. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  10. Ok so some of you may have noticed my random questions throughout the forums here. It seems as though I'm very very confused by what Blesta is actually meant for. I have my blesta installed so that when you go to my website, blesta is what loads. I THOUGHT Blesta would create a landing page of sorts where customers could view my packages, order, sign up, ect.. but it seems this is not what Blesta is for? Is there a easy way to integrate this with something like wordpress? Do I need to somehow move my blesta install so going to my domain doesn't take you straight to blesta? I tried the BlestaCMS thing and got it successfully installed but the documentation leaves a lot to be desired for someone like me so I don't even know where to begin with that. Basically I'm just all around confused about how this is all meant to work... or how to get it to work. Instructions are scattered throughout and none of them really give much help at all... they all assume you know things that I simply do not know. I'm just frustrated and confused. Is there anyone that can help? Paying someone to do this for me is not something I can do at the moment. I just need some clear instructions or guidance or something. Thanks in advance if anyone can answer any of my questions! 😃
  11. Thanks! Got it! Now after changing the logo... no logo appears at all.. just the placeholder. Any ideas?
  12. I'm trying what was said above but the only thing I can see is a place to upload an entire theme, not just a logo. If I click on "specify options manually" then I get a form to fill out but still no way to upload the logo. Any help would be appreciated!
  13. I too am having this issue as the others above. In my log in output I get the error as you all are above plus this line: hn.hostname.com |getPackagesReseller a:0:{}
  14. This is the answer I'm mostly looking for. However when I create a package in Blesta it tells me I need to assign an IP... however no IP addresses are listed in drop down so I can't create a package. EDIT: It also tells me I need to select a DirectAdmin package..... which has me totally confused if I'm making the packages here in Blesta.
  15. Hello, first off I'm VERY VERY new to this so please be gentle, lol. I have the latest version of directadmin and the latest version of Blesta. I added the directadmin module to Blesta and set that up there and clicked to save the settings... All appeared to be well. However when I create a new hosting package in directadmin, nothing shows up in Blesta. It's totally possible I"ve set something up wrong, and its also totally possible I'm not creating hosting packages right in directadmin either, but I have no idea where to look for a error log or anything to point me in the right direction as to what is going wrong. If anyone could help that would be AMAZING! Thanks so much in advance! P.S. I've read some of the other topics on this, but with being new to this all, not a lot really made much sense.
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