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    There are multiple developers in the forum, i would recommend saying what you exactly need though.
  2. What you mean to say is cPanel to DirectAdmin right? This has been long discussed, cPanel thinks it has the entire market, monopol, so they increase prices whenever they feel like gaining some more $ and have no intentions or care much about their clients. Many providers and clients have already moved to DirectAdmin, so DirectAdmin is no longer a small market but i can say without a doubt it's a cPanel good competitor.
  3. The best way to achieve it, in my personal opinion is with https://blesta.store/cms BlestaCMS by @Michael. Come to our discord channel and hit him up or contact him through his website.
  4. Okay so they provide a HTML Theme + WHMCS Integration to match that HTML Theme. Pretty good so far. You put your HTML Theme at the root of your website and hire someone to integrate that HTML theme with your Blesta! Now there's two ways you can do this. You contact your theme creator, as no one knows that theme better then the creator itself https://www.zumada.com/ and hire them to integrate it to you in Blesta. Or you hire someone else from Blesta community to integrate your theme for you, obviously a paid work. I would have suggested myself, though i do not make Blesta integ
  5. I'm having a bit of difficulty understanding what you need exactly? To edit header/footer in blesta yes is the structure.pdt file. The CSS you can drop it into /css/custom.css but i believe to integrate your current site[if that's what you're planning], you need to have it purely in html/css or at least on Bootstrap 3. Otherwise you're about to step into tons of work for that right integration.
  6. Join Discord channel as there are plenty of seniors/developers that can help you in this task. Such as @Michael
  7. Have you followed the instructions like in the video mate? You are probably uploading the 'php template' to blesta and not the actualy integration.
  8. Magna Supreme Hosting Theme in PHP/HTML completely integrated with Blesta and BlestaCMS Pro in all 3 colors! Every detail is in the marketplace: https://marketplace.blesta.com/#/extensions/104-Magna Supreme Hosting Theme Buy it now for only 59$! Lifetime support. https://marketplace.aalayer.com/themes/magna-blesta-hosting-theme/ Cheers.
  9. #Minor bug fixes in Mobile view. Same link to download.
  10. Lowendhost - Official discussion thread as requested by the marketplace Link to download About It's a completely free HTML/PHP hosting template, now integrated with Blesta. It comes in 3 colors and is fully integrated with Blesta in all 3 colors. It has these pages: Homepage, Web Hosting, VPS, Dedicated, Game Servers and Terms of Service. It's extreemly easy to edit with basic HTML knowledge. Live preview of HTML version: Green Version Preview Blue Version Preview Red Version Preview It's developed & designed by our web de
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