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  1. Sorry, not date. His/her contact data like company name etc.
  2. Thank you for your answers. 1. The catch is a very important one. Also I'd like to offer the free domain by default without any coupons. 2. I meant to connect Blesta to a cPanel server and API import all the accounts, not to import a CSV with account data. Or maybe a misunderstood what you said. 3. 4. I have only found a way in /admin interface but not in the enduser's interface. Have I missed it?\ Also, I've figured out more questions: 5. Can we define some hosting package accounts with paid dedicated IPs as an option and other packages without any IP option (paid
  3. Hello, I would like to check the presence/absence of features: - is it possible to offer free domains with select hosting packages at select payment terms (some only at registration, some perpetual) while the hosting account remains the same and at the same term? - is it possible to import hosting accounts from cPanel servers and domains from registrars? - is it possible to move services between customer accounts? - is it possible to upgrade hosting package from customer end and from admin end (along with calculation, invoice generation and auto-provisioning upon payment)?
  4. The visibility was of the public type. However I have upgraded to 4.9.1 and this fixed the problem. Thanks!
  5. The form is of the "General" type.
  6. 1 group of the "Standard" type. Both client and quantity limits are set to Unlimited. Thanks!
  7. It appears I got rid of the package limits error upon defining one cPanel integration. But the redirection problem remains.
  8. Something else that might be of interest: when I simply go to blesta.mydomain.tld it shows (I have set unlimited to the 2 test packages so this can't be true): Package limits have been reached for all packages in the selected group.
  9. Hello, I am testing Blesta and I have just hit a first snag. When I am trying to access the Order page as a normal customer it doesn't work. I get "Blesta redirected you too many times". This was working just a few hours ago and I don't recall making any change that would cause this. Basically it endlessly redirects between: http://blesta.mydomain.tld/order/main/index/hosting and http://blesta.mydomain.tld/order/main/packages/hosting/?group_id=2 What can I do to fix this? Thanks!
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