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  1. Hello @Blesta Addons, that's already done. I know that before need to uninstall from panel. After removing it from init and structure and htaccess file frontend works, but backend still not. can't browse packages clients etc as links point to the client portal. Btw it's insane I wrote you by ticket 4 days ago and no answer, and now on forum after a while. And it's not answered yet....
  2. Hello, after upgrading to 4.11.2 successfully can't delete a plugin, even tried to do Uninstall and remove also manually from directory . Tried to contact also blesta-addons @Blesta Addons, but after 4 days no reply yet. And this plugin is not updated yet. See in attach. I prefer to not use anymore plugins or modules that require modifications to Blesta files anymore as things stop to work and when it happens, plugin developer doesn't answer for days weeks months. That's insane! @Blesta Addons last time answered after several days or weeks ... I can't wait week
  3. Why after 4 days a ticket is not answered and not read on blesta-addons?

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    2. vedova


      Yes you're right... they answered me a week later :) 


    3. niyo


      How did you get a response? the ticket system doesn't work so i tried messaging him on this forum but didn't hear back...?

    4. Blesta Addons

      Blesta Addons

      we have tickets and w have replied to all  of them, we can delay in response but we response.


  4. any news around this payment gateway with last Blesta version?
  5. @Paul Hope these can help you too https://ec.europa.eu/taxation_customs/vies/technicalInformation.html https://data.europa.eu/euodp/en/data/dataset/vies-vat-information-exchange-system/resource/abc8dd3b-fd78-4433-96af-d5e54873ad35 Could be of your interest too https://www.phpclasses.org/package/10161-PHP-Validate-VAT-number-using-VIES-API.html https://ar.al/1401/
  6. Oh I can say the same for US Sales Tax too, man ... but the principle is the same as your (new) Economic Nexus A part of this, you should be aware that sometimes specific VAT VIES country system go offline for maintenance , and so the VIES check cannot be done. That's because in EU VAT VIES system is decentralised and updated on a 24hrs (almost) basis. Again, when calculating the VAT Rate-Country almost two pieces of information must be matching the customer details. Eg. Customer IP + Phone Number, Customer IP + Address, Customer IP + Credit Card issue country ... so also a Phone num
  7. It's ok about VAT MOSS needs, but regarding EU requirements would be nice to have _ONLY_ if them can be disabled for non-EU Customers otherwise people not feeling on will leave in a glance at checkout. I think people don't expect that. Also processors / banks ask to have these rules on terms / refund policy only. Remember that consent has not only to check but if you request it like this, you have to save it somewhere and logging it too! About VAT MOSS and VIES requests please vote here and add your concerns too! 1. https://requests.blesta.com/topic/vies-check-and-vat-rat
  8. yes the problem was starting on June 3rd it's not a 24Hrs question, of course. BTW Thank you.
  9. ok thanks , seems to be a little insane but works, btw regarding Order Forms order? How can I change it as well?
  10. Hello how can change the client view and have a differente packages and group packages order ? I have this, but cannot change the order which package group list is reflected on client side. The same for the package list itself into package group page. Is that something I miss out?
  11. vedova

    Redirection error

    Hi, try disabling mod_security, and check which rules has to be commented out, second try with the Comodo Rules. Don't use Varnish cache with Blesta, it will generates many errors, and sessions are not updated correctly too. I can suggest you to use Nginx+Apache+PHP-FPM combination.
  12. @Blesta Addons have asked for access in order to fix the multilanguage plugin problem, then no answer back by more than 24hrs, this evening will be 48hrs. Last I saw that gateway_manager.php was incorrect and have to reinstall the original one otherwise can't edit no gateway, GEO Autodownload plugin downloads a corrupted/empty file (so when go to edit GEOIP settings it respond with a blank page... but this @Paul it's up to Blesta, is a non-sense that having a maxmind DB file at zero bytes instead of an error user get a blank page! Etc Etc... I'm still new on Blesta, but after 10 ye
  13. @Blesta Addons the issue persist, I've opened some tickets about errors with your modules. If possible to get commercial assistance too would be nice, a parte from your module/s issues. Will them be ready with next coming 4.11 ?
  14. on mine it works so well with 4.10.1 (speaking about crons
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