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  1. No no support, all pre-sales questions! (see my requests about Blesta integration tasks, available as your website mention) Btw it's your website live chat configured to work on FB Messenger! Nothing related to the page... never visited! Btw I believe all of us here work 7days a week 🙂 you are not alone guy.
  2. vedova

    Expecting "DOCROOTDIR"

    ok I will. Yes would be better to use something like whmcs hooks ... don't love to get it overwritten on updates/upgrades.
  3. was looking initially to use it and have it integrated, or otherwise customising the client portal alone... as they seems to do this job. Seems client portal alone would be better as if get in trouble and cs does not answer, it's not easy to revert to make it working...
  4. vedova

    Expecting "DOCROOTDIR"

    I've seen how it work. Btw on mine it is not shown. Languages file are installed, template is still the default one. But no way to get multi-language working. That's all.
  5. vedova

    Expecting "DOCROOTDIR"

    Yes and not only. With everything activated (but not working as expected) it gives that error, after restored all original files and uninstalled it, the error disappears. Just downloaded today from the website, so I think it's the new version.
  6. Just contacted @Blesta.Store on May 18 🙂 I looked again a few minutes ago, message still unread. I can see that is last date he was online on this forum too...
  7. vedova

    Expecting "DOCROOTDIR"

    Ok after uninstalling Blesta Add-Ons multi language module (that don't know why on my system doesn't display nothing but have to investigate via ticket with them) , the problem disappears, so it's not Blesta 4.10 itself.
  8. vedova

    Expecting "DOCROOTDIR"

    Hello, don't know but probably is after the upgrade to 4.10 (or installation of Blesta Add-Ons plugins but I don't think is that) I see now under /admin/settings/system/general/basic/ Root Web Directory ? /home/username/domainfoldername. Expecting "DOCROOTDIR" but the root dir exist and it's writable with same permissions as was before on 4.9! al other folders are checked ok (ok are not under domainfoldername obviously)
  9. Hello, previously planned to have a single site along with BlestaCMS, after weeks of non-response by them, decided to maintain things separately - btw was preferring to have an all-in-one - seems can't realisable with the basic portal plugin itself, have contact them but without any answer... (I've seen that in messenger no one kept and seen my messages too). Thank you for everyone have news about or something / someone that can substitute this pro-actively (and well miantained ) or will just take this out of my mind 🙂 Seems better and more simple.
  10. > for Vies and VAT MOSS the same but yeah still lagging. Interesting, but not for the accounting reasons, just to show the correct price at checkout to customers... also because it's need to be done with GeoIP. But about VAT MOSS you know that almost two part must match finally, as IP<->Phone number Credit Card country <-> IP etc... so it's something more complex rather than simply transfer it to an accounting tool. We know tools like Quaderno, Octobat, Avalara do that match. Avalara & TaxJar already do this in US for example, and them can filing sales tax returns too. >I'm not fan of closed source Me too, as I'm coming from Linux since 1998 #184306 and supporting GNU too, so we preferred to change to Blesta and another OpenSource for main CMS (not WP 😉 > 1% of annual sales profit can cover side expenses like the yearly price for the competitor solution. Yes that's true and depending on how you can realise that affiliate promotion .. I know about hosts that spend money to achieve referrals 🙂 >We focus on both SEO & Ads and Facebook. Facebook/Twitter are actually driving tons of traffic / shares and sales. Probably it depends on product and region. 🙂 But we (and others ) tested on that traffic from FB is not totally correspondent to hosting products even FB suggested is it. Something is not working ... and traffic / likes from people have anything _real_ interest in Hosting / IT is not an opinion. So about FB it's a true lottery ... that's all! (ps. last week Germany disappeared from FB countries list in ADS manager 😄 How you can rely on something like that??? >that doesn't mean that should lag with the basics. Agree. Completely.
  11. @CyberHour Mine was just a question. By me most useful are things like a domain manager, vat full and internal (not external, as this would be something like having an invoicing systems to generate Blesta invoice) ... of course I loved @PauloV work. But has non sense to not have it internal developed by Blesta itself, and also the ability to watch on VAT MOSS reports and printing ... without have prior exporting them. Another big must-to-have feature and I will ask on requested feature site, commonly is the VIES check support! If possibile with VAT rate update like WHMCS do. Nothing strange, but if you work with EU customers you must have it; it's not an option and by my humble opinion it's more important than the affiliate system itself. The affiliate system can be deployed when it will have most of the iDev characteristics .. ie. I don't want to take an external module in order to give affiliates the chance to use a product page direct affiliate link rather than only the main website page one like WHMCS ask you to do. If you want to give people an affiliate link module, you have to give them a complete full system or better to use an external one at this point. The last thing coming now in mind to me: if I got $100 income with tax included, and the affiliate rate was 10%, the system cannot calculate $10 as the affiliate amount! It must be ($100 - tax1 - tax2) * %. !!! Or will have to pay affiliates also a % for the tax we pay to government 🙂 in WHMCS - but this is Blesta so I'm expecting better - things happens like this and we used to calculate a fixed fees for all users to not loose money. But it's not correct as for example, Hungary has VAT rate of 27.00% while in Switzerland is 7.70% , in Andorra 4.50% and so on. I believe in US with Sales taxes will be the same also. Ok I think have wrote a little more than what is needed but hope this helps...
  12. Hello , does anyone know if Blesta's PaymentWall gw module works well with Blesta 4.1x ? Ref. https://www.paymentwall.com/en/documentation/Blesta/3439?utm_source=paymentwall On Documentation they rely only on ver. 3.5.2
  13. Ok, so have we to choose about iDevAffiliate or does make it more sense to wait for ver. 4.11 and Blesta own affiliate system? What are your suggestions about? Also if someone have now iDev or will switch to it, have we to expect some incompatibilities ? I mean also simple things like if an affiliate system cannot be switched off , you can find referring (link url etc) on the client portal or logged in client area of this integrated affiliate system.
  14. Hey Man, changelog is almost a holy monster, how can we trust you if you don't rely on dev principles? 🙂 Updated changelog -> Live product Non updated changelog -> Dead product An OT: as per your knowledge Hetzner module is working currently? Want to try the VIP subscription but little scared about those missing things - updates on plugin/modules status, not working links on website, etc - Platform like Blesta in forums are discussed to be empty of add-ons and other things like this... if developers missing something, this unconditionally will be reflected to the platform whole credibility/trust. It's a fact! - Forgive me, but I'm critical by nature. -
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