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  1. After two months of learning blesta (I have much time in home with my computer because corona virus pandemic), I finally arrived at the point of trouble like this thread. I just realized that the domain purchases obtained from the domain availability checker was actually separate from the other webhosting purchase cart. If I add domain group package with webhosting group package into one order form, the user does not go through the domain availability checker process. I have made a video to help explain my problem. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ZxEXt5DP_H8RWBdwigx5ijfXQ
  2. Hi, I'm not coder or programmer (and cant speak english well too), but maybe you can try this : 1. Copy your template to another template name or backup your template, just in case something gone wrong 2. If needed, change client template views to new template (from admin dahsboard: Settings - Look and Feel - Template - Client Template) 3. In new template, open file structure.pdt (in yourblestadomain/yourblestafolderifexist/app/views/client/yourtemplatename/structure.pdt) 4. Find line <ul class="nav navbar-nav navbar-right"> around line 190; this is user menu block co
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