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  1. Hi all, i'm reading this thread: But don't have replies (and is very old, from 2014) and is something similar about i want, i need to add usable items like calls from a pbx service on a recurrent bills, but can be for example on a hosting company adding the usage charges of bandwidth, how i can manage this? how i can catch the invoice before is created and add extra items? i need to add the call log and add a partial and total price from all calls on the billing period, i see this Event Handler Invoices.add on https://docs.blesta.com/display/dev/Event+Handlers But i don't know how to use and i don't see how to use on the module documentation, i need a plugin? someone have any example? someone are dealing with something similar to this before and have any tip? Thank you in advance.
  2. Hi! thank you, is working now, but to create a new ticket a details is needed, this can be all code to create a new ticket: $ticket_data = [ 'department_id' => 1, 'staff_id' => 1, // This field is optional 'service_id' => 38, // This field is optional 'client_id' => 1, // This field is optional 'summary' => 'This a new Requirement', 'priority' => 'high', 'status' => 'open', ]; $ticket_repply = [ 'details' => 'Hi, I need a new Requirement' ]; Loader::loadModels($this, ['SupportManager.SupportManagerTickets']); $ticket = $this->SupportManagerTickets->add($ticket_data); if (!is_null($ticket)) { $this->SupportManagerTickets->addReply($ticket,$ticket_repply); }
  3. Hi all, How this: $this->uses(['SupportManager.SupportManagerTickets']); Can be used from a module? i can make a button on a client tab just to create a ticket with a format to require something with a pre-defined data.
  4. Hi, i'm making a module, and i have a configurable option to add a extra in a service, but this add-on must be created by a support member from our side manually and i want to create a support ticket to our admin staff when this bill is full paid. How i can make this? i'm looking the "Events Handlers" https://docs.blesta.com/display/dev/Event+Handlers But i don't know if this events: "Services.edit" or "Invoices.edit" can be useful to this, in fact i don't know how to use this events on my module, someone have a clue?
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