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  1. Hi Tyson, I also need to insert custom client field into the invoice. Is this code still valid. I check out with the current code and looks somewhat different.
  2. Tjw

    CRM for Blesta

    Does the demo site still work? Cant't seem to login.
  3. Hi Paul, I am currently on Blesta 4.11.2. I was using timezone UTC +7 in the setting, and when I am trying to generate a report from the database, somehow it picks up UTC timezone. So, my report would be off by 1 day. For example, If I was looking for invoices starting from 1 July - 31 July. The report would not pick up the invoice created on July 1, since the database would show that invoice was created on June 30 at 17:00 hours, instead of July 1 at 00:00 hours. The difference is exactly +7 hours. From what I understand Blesta stores all dates in UTC in the database, then based on the timezone in the settings, it would offset them to fetch based on the appropriate date & time. So I assume it might be possible that the offset correction does not occur anywhere in Blesta 4.11.2. Please look into this. Thanks.
  4. Wondering if you still use this theme, is it running smoothly so far?
  5. I have got the explanation from Paul and I will also submit this as a feature request. Thanks.
  6. Is there any plugin that can change Due Date a few weeks after the Recurring Invoice Renew Date ? Currently it seems Invoice Date =  Date Renew = Date Due for Recurring Invoice. We would like to extend a few weeks to customers, so they don't have to pay Invoice immediately, but they can pay a few weeks afterward. Do you how to remove Date Due in the invoice template?

  7. Hi Tyson, I have a similar question. Let's say a recurring service has Date Renews on 1 July 2020. Does this mean a recurring invoice will show : Date Billed on 1 July 2020 and also Date Due on 1 July 2020? How do you change Date Due to 20 July 2020 for this recurring invoice?
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