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  1. Tjw

    CRM for Blesta

    Does the demo site still work? Cant't seem to login.
  2. Hi Paul, I am currently on Blesta 4.11.2. I was using timezone UTC +7 in the setting, and when I am trying to generate a report from the database, somehow it picks up UTC timezone. So, my report would be off by 1 day. For example, If I was looking for invoices starting from 1 July - 31 July. The report would not pick up the invoice created on July 1, since the database would show that invoice was created on June 30 at 17:00 hours, instead of July 1 at 00:00 hours. The difference is exactly +7 hours. From what I understand Blesta stores all dates in UTC in the database, then based o
  3. Wondering if you still use this theme, is it running smoothly so far?
  4. I have got the explanation from Paul and I will also submit this as a feature request. Thanks.
  5. Is there any plugin that can change Due Date a few weeks after the Recurring Invoice Renew Date ? Currently it seems Invoice Date =  Date Renew = Date Due for Recurring Invoice. We would like to extend a few weeks to customers, so they don't have to pay Invoice immediately, but they can pay a few weeks afterward. Do you how to remove Date Due in the invoice template?

  6. Hi Tyson, I have a similar question. Let's say a recurring service has Date Renews on 1 July 2020. Does this mean a recurring invoice will show : Date Billed on 1 July 2020 and also Date Due on 1 July 2020? How do you change Date Due to 20 July 2020 for this recurring invoice?
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