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  1. When picking the Paypal gateway under the „Other Payment Options“, you will be charge twice. For example, if there is a package worth 5,00€ and we apply 20% VAT, Paypal will charge the client 7,20€ instead of 6,00€. The Paypal API expects the net amount and so I guess that your Paypal gateway just accidentally transmits the post-tax amount.
  2. In addition to that, ...for business clients: you are responsible to ensure that any VAT ID provided by the customer is actually valid (there is a free-to-use web service for that provided by the EU) ...for private clients: you have to collect evidence that the address provided by the customer is actually his address and that he didn't just make up a fake address in the VAT-cheapest location (as pointed out by vedova above, for example through checking its IP address, through cross-checking credit card information or by simply asking the client for manual verification)
  3. Just wanted to bring that topic up again (since I would love to use Blesta, but EU VAT handling would be necessary to do so). Maybe my above wall of text was a bit too much. Let me try with a "rule-based" description. The following rules apply for any VAT-registerd company located within the European Union (basically every company, except very small ones):
  4. Sure, I will try as best as I can: tldr; VAT always has to be collected based on the customers location. But, there are two exception: when the customer is a business located in another EU nation or when the customer isn't located inside the EU. In that case, no VAT needs to be charged. Whether a customer is a business (in VAT perspective) is determined whether he provides you with his VAT ID, which you first need to verify. long version; The core concept of Value Added Taxation (VAT) within the European Union is that the consumer of any product or service has to pay tax on it. This
  5. I only found an article from 2015 about this topic, so I wanted to ask again whether this is now already supported? What I (or basically any other enterprise headquarter within the European Union) would require is: once a customer supplies a VAT ID this ID should be verified against the corresponding SOAP service if the customer supplied a valid VAT ID and is located in a different country than my companies headquarter: charge 0% VAT on it and add a "reverse charge" not on the invoice if the customer is a private customer or another business located in the same country t
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