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  1. Describe the issue you're experiencing: When using "Login as user" and look at the customers affiliates, you'll see that "Order" & "Affiliates" have the active state. Provide detailed steps necessary to reproduce the issue. Find a client Find the "Login as Client" action Use it Then find the affilates tab in the navbar Go into it And see the "Orders" & "Affiliates" has an active state List any generated errors. N/A Include the URL the error occurred on, relative to the installation path /order/affiliates/ Attach screenshots.
  2. https://dev.blesta.com/browse/CORE-2222 is kind of what I'd like, however, its more complicated, I just want to sort the clients by groups, like a "General" tab where you can see everyone with the "General" group
  3. Are the affiliate link MD5 encoded?
  4. Hi! I'd like to see a way where I can set users as "Not active" where they'll be able to order if he/she wants to. They shouldn't be shown in the overview of clients but, have a separate section like the fraud-marked. This will clear out the overview for them who has a lot of customers.
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