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  1. Thanks @SmallWeb and @Paul for answers. You've been very helpful. It seems that there's room for us. I have few more questions that I forgot to ask. What about service level agreement? For example client X purchased SLA GOLD hence we must reply to his support tickets within 60 minutes otherwise we pay a penalty of 5% Esitimated response time based on working days, working hours, holidays Premium ticket? Pay for highest priority Emergency ticket? Highest priority but if there was no emergency we hit the customer with a penalty fee of X euro Multi-domain & multi
  2. Hi, we're in the process of considering porting our software from WHMCS to Blesta but first we need to understand what is missing on this platform. I have a huge list of concepts/features we're currently offering in WHMCS. It would be great if you could help figuring out what is missing in Blesta. This way we can quickly determine if there's a market for us. BILLING EU Regulations The concept of Intra/Extra EU and Home Country VIES Split Payment Business type (eg. company, public administration, sole proprietorship, individual, organiz
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