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  1. Hi, i've installed the trial for blesta and want to try moving exxisting accounts to match to customers. For example if a customer has a website service with us, we want to add the account from direct admin to the customer's account. Is there a way to go about this? I can edit the database as well but would like to know if there is a decent way to do this as usually database entries are heavily linked around. I understand the flow for blesta that i would need to add a package to the customer and add the directadmin account to that package (which is using the directadmin module) so that billi
  2. Hi im comparing between blesta and whmcs. What attracts me to blesta is the open source so that we can easily add the payment gateways that we use which are local which im not sure if possible with WHMCS. We just migrated from CPanel + WHM to directadmin and a different server and any of the freer billing systems just either plainly dont work or require a team of devs to integrate it. I'd like to know if there are any limits listed below when purchasing blesta - provisioning only on same server? - can multiple servers be provisioned from a single license? - Are there any limits to how
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