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  1. Thanks Adam. Really appreciate your quick response and fix, especially as it's a plugin you've provided for free.
  2. It's a little unclear what you're seeking to do. You can change client signup dates in the database. You can change a service renewal date by clicking manage next to the service, then action > change renew date. If you want to change date created of the service to reflect when the client actually first signed up, you can do that in the database.
  3. Hey Adam Thanks very much for this plugin, it's great. One thing I can't figure out is the event to use as the trigger in a bot to email staff about a new ticket created and email the client an acknowledgement. Cerb doesn't seem to treat a ticket created through the plugin the same event as a new ticket. I've also tried new record or modify record events as the trigger to no avail. Any ideas? Thanks again for the plugin, much appreciated.
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