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  1. hi in my country 2 famous payment gateway payumoney and paytm payumoney documentation is too complex paytm is easy and i use but if possible so requesting to blesta plz add paytm payment gateway https://business.paytm.com/ Thankyour
  2. finally i find but designing of blesta is to complected to find options all options are not proper short
  3. hi i am unable to find a settings so request plz any one help me out to solve my issue how to remove credit card and ACH in new payment method options
  4. nexusbeans

    area blank

    hi i attach image why my this side show blank ???
  5. hi i have old whmcs customer and i assign package to my customer but it take today date active with 1 year i am unable to find how to modify package date any one tell me how to modify date ?? so i can easy manage date to my clients
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