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  1. @Fartuh we are working on our own custom SaaS platform which includes builtin billing and Automation's for our products . so we will not use blesta any more
  2. Blesta Owned Lifetime license (unbranded) for sale + License Manager plugin + hetzner clould module the license bought directly from blesta.com hetzner cloud module also with life time updates . please send your offer in pm i will sell to the best offer i get to 10th august . don't post your offer here as i will consider only offers i get by pm . payment methods is Paypal or MuchBetter my respect to all
  3. easy hack with no hard work . add this to your style sheet #client_invoices , #client_transactions {display:none !important;}
  4. it is not person opinion , it is Blesta leader opinion ,,, and this module is developed for blesta , any way my respect to all
  5. @Paul your answer to me sounds like they are allowed to do so . Dear all accept my apologize am out of this forum .... and this module is sold out as of today . (we will not sell this any more) current customer's updates will be maintained as usually since the module is maintained to use for our own company updates will be announced on our website . support is available only by support tickets for exiting customers . again accept my apologize kindly regards
  6. @Paul am really waiting to hear your answer thank you
  7. you can hide them by hacking the default theme for the clients area . remember always backup your files before doing this
  8. Mr @aliman this is the second time you call us unethical and this is rude by your side let me clear this for you . folder permissions are affected by your server configs. it is has nothing to do with our module, we did our best to help you and we answer your tickets and since the first tickets we point you strait for the problem and we told you the javascript file is not accessible by web server and it should be accessible, and we point you for a few things to check if you don't know how to do it then that's not our fault . even your htaccess was one of the points and you ask us to check it for you and we did thought it is not our problem to check your htaccess but we offer help with open arms , and finally after loads of tickets and you make us lose plenty of time to checking your issue with no success we tell you we can check your server for a fee , and because of that you call us unethical , also sound you didn't read our TOS which clearly stated the bellow : Abuse towards our staff or other clients on our network is not tolerated. Your account and all associated will be suspended pending termination after review. if you keep using this kind of words and speech we will terminate your account and suspend your license . ask with respect if you have any issue with the module and we will be more than happy to fix it but if you don't know how to setup things on your server that's not our responsibility . @Paul is it allowed to call people (unethical) on Blesta forums ?
  9. We Are Glad to release hetzner cloud module V 1.5.0 - Create server from snapshot added based on customer request @TeYroX -Ability to add a nick name for each server based on customer request - cache server images added to reduce API request -oh didn't mention we celebrate 0 BUGS reported so there is no bug fixes 😎 ------------------------------ how to enable create from snapshot ? -go to hetzner account create your snapshots -on blesta backend go settings -> modules -> manage ->edit (the API token or add a new one ) -tick the check box next to allow create from snapshots -save it -on the main manage page click clear cache (if you don't do that it will be automatically cleared every 24 Hours ) you are done !
  10. yes it is possible and it is on our list , if you have a license and you want to accelerate the priority of this feature feel free to submit a ticket to our support dept
  11. @insha looking for the docs for time4vps will get back 2 u very soon
  12. thank you for your interests @Alento for the moment i have only this module will be adding more soon . if there is a request for Time4VPS. i can develop one am open also for custom development for any blesta module
  13. Thank you for the note will be fixed tonight
  14. (THIS MODULE IS SOLD OUT ) Hetzner Clouds Blesta Module A full Refund will be issued with in the initial 14 Days of Purchase date if Module dos not meet the bellow : Life time Updates included (Hetzner API V1) Bug Fixes Guaranteed in Max 7 Days Instant Activation of Cloud Server Automatic Suspension Automatic Unsuspension Automatic Termination Unlimited Hetzner Projects Automatic enable/ disable Backups (see included instructions) Reboot/Boot/Shutdown Change Root Password Reinstall enable/disable/restore Backup Show Available IP address Modify/Reset DNS PTR for both IPV4 and IPV6 Enable/Disable Rescue mode Console Access Server action logs with real status and process percentage Admin Can import exiting server (Please check included instructions) Admin Can new server
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